My first attempt at a race report

As the heading says, this is my first go at this so please bear with me whilst I find my feet and don’t feel too offended if I miss you. It seems like we have doubled our numbers during the last 18 months and there are so many new faces/names that I haven’t had a chance to meet.

It’s great to see so many of you back at parkrun after such a long absence so I’ll start there 🙂

Clacton seafront was the most popular this week. Mark Jasper was our first finisher in 4th place (18:47) followed by Harry Swinbourne (19:13), Dave Goldsmith (21:14), Bev Shortley (24:41) Catherine Ott (28:28), Alan Johnson (28:43), new member Louise Balfour (29:22) and Dave Nugent (40:08).

A few of our members preferred the challenge that is Highwoods. Charlie Keitch was the first blue home in 3rd/4th place (19:47), closely followed by Mags Komorowska who was also first lady (23:55), Nick Goodman (25:41), Scott Young (27:04) and Claudia Keitch (27:06).

3 of you opted for Harwich. Stephen Walsh (25:01), Mark Harris (30:09) and Donna Harris (30:51). Only 2 blues braved the hoards at Colchester Castle. Rich Moor finished 23:59 and Meera RO in 25:38.

There was a bit of parkrun tourism this week. Tim Ballard went to Chelmsford Central and finished 4th in 18:44. Martin Owen went to Ipswich (25:30), Russell Clarke to Mersea (25:15). Rob and Caroline went to Felixstowe (21:47 and 34:41). Not one to be outdone, Paul Connell went the furthest afield to Minehead where he finished 7th in 18:44.

Well I’m exhausted and I didn’t even make it to parkrun this week! Which I suppose leads nicely onto other events. On Saturday I went to Coventry to take part in Mudnificent 7. This is an Obstacle run with 7 zones run by different race organisers. Sadly whether due to Covid or the original race companies going out of business, it didn’t live up to my previous experience. Muddy fun was still had though.

Hare and Tortoise finished their Life’s a Beach series with the final 3 races this week. Tuesday saw Dave Jones and Claire Poole tackle the ‘Seas the day’ 3 hour 3.28m lap timed event. Claire did 1 lap in 36:09 and Dave decided to complete a half marathon in 2:08:45. That apparently wasn’t enough for them both as they were also at the start line for Saturdays ‘Are you shore’ 6 hour 6.55mile lapped event at Brightlingsea. Claire completed 1 lap in 1:05:15 and Dave did 3 laps in 3:59:16. Emma Welham also joined them both as part on her training for Brighton Marathon and did 3 laps in 5:12:30. H & T ran their final event of the series on Sunday, a 10K. You would think that Dave and Claire would be having a lay in and recovering from a busy week but no. Off these 2 legends went again Claire finished in 1:04:07 and Dave in 58:19. Amazing!

Meera, Inga and Gary and ran in the miles of miles race at Chelmsford track on Friday night. Inga completed her mile in 6:41, Meera’s was 7:11 and Gary’s was 8:41. Well Done!

So hopefully I haven’t missed anything. There are a few of us new race reporters who’ve volunteered to help so can you all please go back to sharing what races you’ve done on the pinned post and don’t forget to add GBRC as your club on parkrun so we can follow how you’re doing 🙂