Mens Newsletter – January ’21

Well I hope you all had a happy new year and enjoyed whatever you could do however you did it. January seems to have lasted a while I don’t know if this is because we are in lockdown, the days being shorter, the poor weather we have had or a combination of all those. It seems that as we have gotten towards the end of the month the days are starting to get longer and we have daylight of sorts until a bit after 5pm – we do know that the days will continue to get longer with Spring and Summer giving us longer to get out on our runs. Lockdown has put paid to any of the races that had started to pop up towards the end of 2020 but with a vaccine now being delivered lets hope that the end of lockdowns is getting closer and we can start to get back to something like “normal”!

You will have hopefully seen an email or post from Mags about the AGM that is coming up – yes it is almost a year since we did what we thought would be our first and only virtual AGM. As per normal all the roles at the club are up for grabs so if you fancy throwing your hat into the ring and get more involved then this is your chance, it is always good to get different voices and opinions during our committee meetings. So if you think you might like to get involved or want to know what is on offer then let me or any of the committee know and we’ll happily let you have details.

There are a couple of roles that are becoming vacant this year, firstly, the Webmaster which is being vacated by the fact that Graham Semple is standing down after a number of years in the role. I would like to extend my thanks to Graham for all his efforts over the years maintaining and updating the website, as well as for all his efforts on the half marathon. I definitely didn’t know how much Graham did on that until I was race director last year, he has also worked hard to find an alternative and hopefully better solution for the half marathon entry for whenever our next race will be which will see a vast reduction in the clubs involvement in that. The second role is as ladies vice captain as Sarah Davison is standing down from that role. The role doesn’t need to be vacant for any of the roles though so if you want to throw your hat into the ring please do.

Mags has also emailed and posted about the clubs London Marathon draw, we have 2 places this year so if you have had your unlucky email from the VLM and aren’t intending on doing the virtual race then email Paul Carlisle ( with your commiseration email between the 8th and 14th March so that the draw can be done on the 15th March and the lucky recipients of the 2 club places can be notified.

On a brighter note Paul and I would like to send our and the clubs congratulations to Daniel Whymark and his wife Katie who are celebrating the birth of their baby boy Harrison. You may recall that Daniel was fundraising for baby bereavement charities over the last year or so after they tragically lost their son Lucas so it was absolutely fantastic news to hear – congratulations Daniel and Katie!

The Sixathon started and then was postponed as lockdown rules became stricter – if you have managed to run any of the courses please make sure that you have emailed Rodger with your times. Hopefully lockdown rules will start to be lifted and we’ll be able to let you know that we have restarted and you can get back out on the courses. I have seen on Strava and Facebook that a lot of you are out there getting the miles in which is great to see, some of the mileage that you have done is quite inspiring (or mad depending on your point of view), Paul Davison, Ryan Day, Tom K, Charlie Keitch, Tim Ballard to name only a few have pounded away a vast number of miles in January.

Paul and I have discussed runner of the month and have decided that we will put this on ice for the time being. Throughout the lockdown in 2020 there seemed to be a number of virtual races, trail races, COVID compliant races that were being run and race us plenty to consider when selecting a runner of the month. Unfortunately these seem to have dried up completely following the latest tightening of lockdown rules so we decided that until things start to open up and there are some competitive runs in whatever guise we won’t be selecting a runner of the month. I hope you understand our decision and we sincerely hope that we will be back running and racing in the near future.

Thats it for now stay safe and take care.