Men’s Newsletter – May 2020

Another month of lockdown has come and gone and it seems like we are starting to come through the other side – well I have my fingers crossed and am hoping for the best. This month has seen the start of the virtual Mickey Edwards series which has proven very popular with some 94 of you having taken part in some shape or form so far which is great. 5k is such a horrible distance really go too fast at the start and you know there’ll be little left in the tank, go too slow and there isn’t enough time to make it up….but saying that there have been some excellent runs from you all. Some notable ones for me being newcomer Paul Healy taking over a couple of minutes off his baseline time, Paul Davison getting round in PB time a couple of times. There are some consistent runs from Martin West, Dave Jones and Mark Stevenson to name but three. Mags had her 5 miles for smiles competition and it was great to see so many people getting into the spirit of this one and thanks to Mags for organising the competition and coming up with the montage at the end.

There was quite a bit of interest in the social distanced virtual trail run which was organised by Essex Trail Events. This was a great course of what should be about 6.5 miles (unless like me you went wrong!). The basis of this was to text at the start and the finish of your run and then include a couple of questions on the way round so that your progress could be tracked and some bonus points could be given. So well done to Charlie Keitch who won the event in a cracking time of 58 minutes.

So coming up are virtual Ekiden which is being run over the weekend of the 10th to the 12th July. If you haven’t been involved in this before its a marathon run by a team of you over set distances ranging from 5k to 7.2k and 10k. If you would like to take part and want to get into a team then please let Justine Sheekey know as she’s taken on the unenviable task of entering the teams for the club.

Rodger is also getting his trail runs up and running virtually starting this weekend at Mistley Village hall – you have a month to do the run so anytime from Sunday the 7th June to July 6th all the details of what you need to do to record your time are on the club website and in an email that has been circulated. You get a bonus of an I did them all t-shirt if you do all 4 rounds – I’m really looking forward to these, if you haven’t done them before give them a go but please make sure you have a partner in crime to start with just in case……

I’d like to mention and thank Darren Horner for the work and time he is taking in posting his virtual training sessions, if you haven’t looked at these I would recommend them to you. They are excellent sessions that make you focus on something other than “just running” – thanks Darren. Whilst I am here I would also like to thanks Eric Shaw for churning out the virtual standard certificates, these continue to be awarded at an amazing rate.

So to runner of the month as I said earlier there have been some excellent runs during the Mickey Edwards series and one person in particular caught my eye. He started off the series with a run of just under 40 minutes and in round 1 took 46 seconds off his time and then in round 2 has taken a stonking 1 minute 23 seconds off that time. Its great to see John running again and setting some brilliant times so congratulations to May’s runner of the month John McKay.

Runner of the Month John McKay