Where's Hélène?

Despite being pretty much all downhill to Christmas (it’s OK to say the C word now we’re properly embedded in the last month of the year right?), you still found time amongst the shopping, wrapping, chocolate sampling and other general festive shenanigans to lace-up and do what you do best. Or second best if there’s cake around!

Justine Sheekey kicked off the weekend in style running the Queen Elizabeth Park 10k in 43:52 and earning herself a second club gold and second entry into the all-time top 10’s in just 7 days. Fantastic running Justine, well done!

Fast becoming a regular fixture with elite athletes the world country county town wide is the Winter Wobble, a 10 mile race starting at the Albion public house in Rowhedge. Runners must consume an alcoholic drink (more or less) of their choice before following the river up to King Edward Quay where they cross and run the Wivenhoe Trail to the Black Bouy where they must consume another of said alcoholic beverages. Retracing their steps back to Rowhedge, the clock is only stopped upon the quaffing of their third and final drink.

5 blues turned out to enjoy the festivities although no times were published within the ‘official’ results. The finishing positions (with unofficial times scraped from Strava where available) therefore were; Lee Clarkson 4th (1:11 with just a 2 1/2 minute stop to drink ‘boiling’ wine!), Chusa Batis 14th (watch didn’t play ball!), Dave Jones 15th (1:33), Teresa Jones 38th and Barbara Law 48th.

This is a great local event which many runners apparently use as an integral part of their Christmas party training programme!

Moving on to parkrun, Martin Steinwand finished in 20:54 to complete his first sub-21 at Colchester Castle since picking up an injury there in the summer of 2018. Next through the funnel were Richard Moor in 22:38, Robin Oakley 25:12, Fiona Gosling 27:24, Russell Clarke 28:00 and James McCullagh in 28:14.

Over at a windy and slippery Maldon Prom Charlie Keitch finished in 19:17 to claim 3rd place in what was only his 3rd run there. Rob Ferguson finished in 9th place with a time of 20:39. Well done both!

Brian Telford at Clacton Seafront

At Clacton Seafront, first blue home was David Goldsmith in 20:57, followed by Brian Telford in 25:31 and Laura Warren in 32:00. Next were Claire Reynolds in 32:38 and Sandra James in 42:09.

Up the coast at Harwich parkrun, Leoni Harvey was sole blue, finishing in 26:34.

A short trip across the water at Felixstowe parkrun, Caroline Talbot finished in 26:41 followed by Rob Dyer in 26:53.

Highwoods parkrun saw a great turnout from Bentley with Craig Mitchell clocking up another 1st finish in 18:49 – totally smashed it Craig! Next home for the blues were Paul Hollidge in 23:14, Tom Komorowski 23:57, Mags Komorowska 26:16 and Kathy Bishop in 27:28. Debs Hollidge finished in 30:13 followed by Mark Harris in 30:44, Donna Harris 31:32, Teresa Farmer 32:08 and, in her first run at Highwoods, Natalie Warriner in 32:59.

Never knowingly outrun (or out-collaged!), Craig Mitchell celebrates 1st place at Highwoods parkun with 2nd and 3rd placed Nate Filer and Ram Osman.

On Sunday morning Tim Ballard ran the Great Run Local 5k at Alton Water. Despite running in a full Santa suit, missing a turn and falling in the mud, Tim still managed 1st place with a time of 20:14. Great running Tim!

Hélène Tyler and her sister joined nearly 2000 other Santas for the 2019 Lincoln Santa Run. Hélène forgot her watch but looked like she enjoyed herself. The sun even shone for them too!

In the first of the Thetford Trails Winter Series, John Booty came third in the 10k Canicross (and 1st two dog male category) with a time of 41:07 (although John thinks he was the only entrant in that category!). John also logged an impressive 18:54 5k split on his way to the finish. Well done John & dogs!

Colchester Junior parkun saw just 2 blues this week with Angel Jasper finishing in 09:30 followed by Rodger Ferguson in 15:21.

Another fantastic week of running from all of you, well done! Christmas is nearly upon us now and I hear that Santa’s Elves have been on overtime making lots of running goodies to help inspire you to burn off the excesses of the next few weeks! See you on the other side!