Men’s Newsletter – November

Apparently November did have the full 30 days in it this year but again it seems to have flashed past.  The last day of the month saw our awards nigh take place at the village hall and once again it was a great event with around 80 of you there which was really good to see.  Congratulations to all the club champions and winners that were awarded during the evening, Tim Ballard received a richly deserved runner of the year award, he has not only run astonishingly quickly but has done so on a very regular basis across a number of different distances.  Tim has won the 10k race at Manningtree whilst also running over 100 miles during the Suffolk Trail Festival 24 hour race – really amazing stuff, well done Tim.  It was also good to see Tomasz Komorowski pick up the Rodger Trail event trophy this year, just over a year ago Tom and I decided that we needed to win something at the awards night so set our target on running them all at cross country, which we both did, Tom then went one better and bagged the trail event award too.  Tom really has got the trail running bug and enjoys the off road experience so expect more tales over the coming year.  I can’t move off the awards evening without thanking everyone who helped make the event happen and our co-chairs Paul and Rodger do a huge amount to get events like this to happen so thanks chaps it is very much appreciated.

November saw the first event in the chairman’s challenge the six dales event up in Staffordshire – there was quite the turnout from the Bentley Blue and it was quite an event to take part in.  The weather in that area had been bad in the lead up especially in the Northern part of the county.  The day itself suggested sleet and rain which did focus the mind when a hard frost was the sight on leaving the village hall, the route was water bound in the most part which made for a nice bit of wading however, everyone made it round and there were some superb performances (more of that later).  The weather also put paid to the last scheduled cross country of the year at Harwich – this race will now take place at the end of March in a revised location on the outskirts of Colchester….it’ll be interesting to see where this is.  The next cross country is on the 12th January and is at Halstead so look out for more details of this nearer the time.

Also coming up are the Sunday coaching sessions where Caroline has managed to get an Olympian down to outer Essex to take some sessions for us, the first of these will be on the 26th January and from Arlesford Village Hall.  These should be great sessions with a lot of information passed on hopefully we’ll see lots of you there, there are 2 further sessions in February and March which are from the village hall in Bentley but I’m sure you’ll see more details on these as they come closer.  Talking of closer next Sunday the 8th sees our 10 mile race in Bromley take place, we have a healthy looking roster of volunteers for marshalling and it seems that Harwich are sending over 40 runners so we need to make sure we have plenty of runners out too so that we retain the trophy that so far has not left our hands.  The race starts at 9.30 with registration in the hall from 9 – see you there.

Not far away now is our half marathon at the start of February, I’ll be emailing and Facebooking for marshals soon – as usual there will be the opportunity for some to run but we will need to fill the marshal roster first.  Just a reminder for you if you ran last year you can’t run again this year.  As you know our half is a favourite of local runners as it is timed nicely for those training for London or a spring marathon, Eric has arranged a coach for London as always and is still taking names for this so if you want to go and watch the race (or have been lucky enough to secure an entry) then let Eric know so he can get your place on the bus booked in.

As the club champions for 2019 have been announced they start again for next year so let Paul Davison and Eric know so that they can add your name to the now fresh looking spreadsheet.  I try to get at least one run recorded so that I have a run on the list even if its only for a week!

So runner of the month for November and again there have been some notable achievements I have to put a shout out to Charlie Keitch who ran the Stebbing 10 not only bagging a new PB over this distance but in running it bagged an Essex Grand Prix Series Medal.  Charlie targeted this at the start of the year the award is part of the Essex Road Running Championship where there are 6 races nominated across varying distances in which athletes completing 5 are awarded the Grand Prix medal – well done Charlie an excellent achievement.  Jason Cook continues to run strongly in various parkruns over the month including a first place which are hard to come by.  However, this month I have not 1 but 2 Runners of the Month and after hauling myself around the Six Dales know what went into their run.   I couldn’t split our co-chairs Paul Carlisle and Rodger Alexander, although they set the challenge they have proved to be up for it too and have showed us the way on these long distance trail events.  I have no idea how quickly they completed the 26 miles in but I do know that they caught our group shortly after the first check point (we did set out some 30 or 40 minutes ahead of them) and continued in the same fine form all the way around.  The result of just this first run is that they have inspired many people at the club to seek out and take part in similar events which is fantastic.  So congratulations to our runners of the month for November Paul and Rodger; I’d like to see how they get on awarding these to each other on Wednesday!.