Through Forest and parks

This week feels like autumn has arrived. Time to make yourselves visible at all times of the day when out training for all these races everyone is doing so well in!

I will start with the longest distance of the week; a marathon, and a debut one to boot. Claire Groves went down to the New Forest to join in with the 35th New Forest Marathon; now almost a running festival with many different distances to enter. The  route takes runners through heath and forest. Claire completed her debut marathon in 4:25:01, well done!

new forest

Closer to home and a lot shorter in distance it was the first of the September 10k races. Langham is a popular course for Bentley Blues and there we many great runs. The results are as follows; a PB is written by the time if known, and I apologise they are in alphabetical order not time:

Peter Benton 41:51; Alison Clarke 1:00:13,; Anthea Colsell 48:49 (PB); Paul Davison 48:26; Sarah Davison 48:26; Frank Gardiner 54:54; Mark Harris 49:31 (PB); Hien Hoang 49:35; Kevin James 47:58; Sandra James 1:20:59; David Jones; 55:09; Teresa Jones 59:46; Charlie Keitch 38:54; Magdalena Komorowska 46:28; Nicola Laverack 1:01:01; Shawn Leek 53:33; Jonathan Mann 40:19; Duncan Scott 44:16; Eileen Shadford 46:29; Bev Shortley 53:56; Anna Young 59:46 and Evie Foster took part in the 2k race and finished in 09:50.

Halving that distance leads us to parkrun and once more Bentley Blues were out en mass at various courses.

Colchester Castle was where Paul and Debs Hollidge decided to start the celebrations of their 1st wedding anniversary. Many Blues joined them:

Charlie Keitch 22:07; Sam Young 22:13; Paul Carlisle 23:19; Robin Oakley 23:27; Phil Presland 23:45; Rob Dyer 23:47; Sarah Davison 25:06; Paul Davison 25:06; Mat tLaverack 27:55; Scott Young 27:56; Paul Hollidge 28:08; Stephen Walsh 28:08; Marion Simmons 28:43; Debs Hollidge 28:44; Hien Hoang 28:45; Claudia Keitch 28:49; Caroline Searle 29:57 and Lex Carlisle 34:34. Gemma Colling and Michael Simmons also ran.

Highwoods: A great run between David Wright and Tim Ballard occurred with David finishing in 19:18, just behind Tim in 19:15. Colin Farmer ran in 22:56; Tomasz Komorowski 24:32 and Zoe Reynolds in 35:02.

Harwich: Emily Zethraeus 19:52, super time Emily, and Anna Mills 23:38.

Mersea Island: Luke and Meatball Groves ran in 26:36.

Clacton Seafront: Kevin James 24:11; Anna Lyon 25:46; Patrick Reynolds 27:55; Heather England 31:17 and Claire Reynolds 34:42.

Southend: Belinda Palmer-Barnes ran in 30:54.

At junior parkrun in Colchester, James Blacker ran in 08:35 and Rodger Ferguson ran in 16:59. Over in Clacton, Poppy Welham ran in 14:18, receiving her half marathon band and Albie Welham ran in 15:50.


Don Welsh safely made it to Paris on his epic bike ride; well done Don, inspirational, whilst Leoni swapped dry land for muddy land, taking part in the Nuclear Races for the first time!