A look back

As usual I won’t repeat the race reports. This month we have welcomed new reporters into the race reporting team and they are doing a fantastic job of keeping us up to date.

So…looking forward to the future…

A look ahead

July brings some exciting events! On July 10th the club has the Geoff Day memorial 5k. The race will start at 19:20 and you are asked to turn up and register between 18:45 and 19:00 if possible. A reminder to stay safe as you warm up (that is do not run up and down the road!) and to wear nice hi-vis so that marshals can see you even in inclement weather.

As an added incentive to you ladies… the trophy is guaranteed to find a new home this year! I am racing at the Braintree track that night so will not be running to retain my title (questionable whether I could anyway 😉). So after a tearful goodbye to the silverware this week I will be looking forward to seeing where it will go next!

For the after party you are requested to bring either something sweet (names that begin with A-K) or something savoury (names that begin with L-Z) to ensure a good spread of food.

Another MASSIVE club event on 14th July is of course the Ekiden relay. We have 9 teams entered and you should have received a team sheet last night if you had put your name down to run. There are currently three runners having to run twice, so still space to sign up if you want to join in! Just email me and I can give you all the information.

Finally, I will remind you that this Friday is our Friday 5 event (had you forgotten?!). Scott has given everyone their instructions; please make sure you know what you are supposed to be doing and when. If we all work as a team I am sure that the event will go swimmingly under Scott’s very capable directorship. We always get great feedback about our race and one of the highlights for people is the cake… so I hope everyone has been baking!

Welcome welcome…

We are really growing as a club! A warm welcome to Kate Deyn who is new on my list. As always if you want to say hello when I am at club (not as regularly as I would like, sorry!) do just wander over and have a chat.

What an inspiration!

Each month I hope to highlight some ladies that have personally inspired me for the dedication they put into their training, the fears or obstacles they overcome and their courage to take on new challenges:

  • Hands up to Emily Z and Mags Komorowska for their efforts at the Friday 5 series. Both are placed well in their age categories going into the final race of the series (ours!). And extra mention for Mags who won her category at the Capel 5 miler too!
  • Kudos to Caroline Searle this month as well, who has run her fastest 5k in over a year. An achievement many of us are jealous of; and demonstrating the payoff one can get from dedicated training and practising drills.
  • At the start of the month Vicky Presland bagged third place at the Stour Valley Marathon. A great run Vicky that really shows what a natural endurance athlete you are. I hope you are very proud of that achievement, you should be.
  • Teresa Jones achieved a pretty pacey time at the Harwich 5k series. I might be wrong, but I think this month saw her run, not only her best since before the ankle break, but her best 5k to date! Way to go Teresa!
  • And we will also celebrate Emma Wakeling for her achievement at the Suffolk Trail Fest. I think this was her first time solo at an endurance event and she achieved a total of 50 miles, which is absolutely fabulous.

Runner of the Month

This month we celebrate a runner who I met back in 2016 (ish) when she was quietly spectating at races while her husband ran. Eventually this runner attempted a parkrun and started to come to club training. We then started to see her at races… and in the past year she has completed half marathons and 15 milers to great success.

Over the winter she was one of only four ladies to run in every cross country!

This summer she has taken on the Friday 5 series with great gusto. Attending most if not all to date and achieving a personal best at the five mile distance. Running 5 miles consistently every week for six weeks in a row is a real show of strength… how many of us have a consistent park run each week? And I think an achievement that should not be overlooked. So without further ado I say VERY WELL DONE Teresa Farmer! You are June’s runner of the month.


[A smiling Teresa Farmer… I assume the smile is due to a race well run! and Tom looks pretty happy for her too 🙂 #teamwork]