Hometown Glory!

This week saw Great Bentley runners run a gauntlet and take on a racing track! Oh, and get the Bentley Blue logo on Polish TV!

Koszalin is a Polish city on the Baltic Sea coast that also happens to be the hometown of Magdalena. Whilst visiting her family she took time out to run Koszalin parkrun where she was first lady home in 23:35. She was then interviewed by a Polish TV station about the virtues of parkrun, allowing her Great Bentley top to be seen by all!

Sunday saw the inaugural Gosfield Gauntlet narrative trail half marathon, hosted by Halstead Runners, which took Charlie Keitch through the beautiful trails of north Essex, meandering through woods, along lakes and past historic mills as well as getting ever so slightly lost. Charlie unfortunately got cramp towards the end but he finished in 9th place in 1:48:13. He already has his sights on where he can try and improve for next year.

From Halstead we move to Hertfordshire, where at Knebworth House, Lee Clarkson ran in the second Hertfordshire half marathon in 1:44:45. A closed road half marathon it took in Knebworth park and the surrounding country lanes.

Completing the hat trick of places beginning with H was Hadleigh where the Hadleigh Hares hosted a 5 and 10 mile race. We had two participants in the 10 mile race with James Carter racing the distance for the first time in a time 1:22:28 and Paul Hollidge continuing his good form with another PB in a time of 1:09:00, knocking off over three and a half minutes. Well done to you both for tackling the hills. Also tackling the hills, Debs Hollidge, John Bush and Belinda Palmer-Barnes ran the 5 mile race in times of 44:54; 55:23 and 54:18 respectively.

Moving on to race tracks: Snetterton offers a 3 lap half marathon or a 6 lap marathon. We had one GB runner in each race. Peter Benton took on the half marathon and finished in a time of 1:34:51 whilst Anna Young took on the full 6 laps and finished in a time of 4:10:46. Well done to you both.

Weekly parkrun update: 

Colchester Castle parkrun: Craig Warriner 19:47; Danny Draper 22:00; Scott Young 23:08; Charlie Keitch 23:08; Andy Stephens 24:22; Sarah Fletcher 25:22; Paul Davison 25:23; Russell Clarke 26:53; James McCullagh 26:55 and Theresa Farmer 31:48.

Ipwich parkrun: Ben Ficken 21:15; Deborah Hollidge 27:49 and Paul Hollidge 27:49.

Clacton Seafront parkrun: Ray Baggs (1st place) 20:09; Kevin James 23:36; Brian Telford 23:47; Bev Shortley 25:20; Alison Clarke 30:03; Heather England 30:30; Sandra James 35:03 and Rebecca England 39:39.

Harwich parkrun: Emily Zethraeus 20:53; Dave Jones in a PB of 25:31, Ema Welham 30:22 Teresa Jones 30:59 (time may be out) and Cherie Hipkins 32:13. Well done Dave!

Four junior runners tok part in Colchester junior parkrun: Angel Jasper 9:36; Laci Wakeling 14:26; Brody Wakeling 15:04 and Yasmin Leek 17:33.

A great start to the new Club Champs series of 2018-19. Great running Great Bentley!