Another boiling weekend that has had me avoiding my laptop and leaving this to the last minute… there is too much fun to be had out in the sun though isn’t there!

A look back

The month started with some super efforts at HR24. Six of our ladies entered as solo runners, and many more as parts of teams and pairs. Well done to you all, I hope you all achieved what you wanted to. And you ladies managed to bring home some bling in various categories – well done!

Also that weekend was the Stour Valley Marathon. I love this race, it was my first marathon back in 2015 and next year it will run for the final time so if you want to have a go at it, get your entry in quick, it will sell out fast… I am already registered to run so you won’t be alone.

And that first weekend saw the Maisie 5-mile race, organised by Brian Telford at Clacton. Once again the GBRC representation was top notch and the race raised a good amount for charity. It is great that our club supports events such as this and if I know about any more I will be sure to let you know.

This month was really the month of five miles as, alongside Maisie, we also had the Capel 5-mile race, hosted by Capel Cheetahs. This race brought at least one of our squad a personal best, and also saw our girls take 1st place in both the over 8 and the under 8 fun run events.

Finally for the fivers we look at the Friday 5 series. June witnessed the Kirton, Framlingham, Bury and Stowmarket races. We have had a good representation at the series – at least seven of our ladies have taken part – which is great as we have in recent past years not had many runners at the other events before our own. Hopefully we have given a good impression and people will be excited to come and run at our Friday 5 next week.

Slightly shorter, 5k season has been in full swing, with the Harwich series and our own Mickey Edwards series being complemented by weekly parkruns. At Harwich Teresa F. currently sits in the top 15 for the series, and the last race saw Bee finish in the front 5. Well done ladies!

At Mickey Edwards we have a tussle at the top between Teresa Jones and David Jones. This is really exciting, with both runners having been working solidly in training over the last few weeks and reaping the rewards at the ME races. I of course am declaring myself in #TeamTeresa!

parkrun has seen loads of us battling the heat. I can’t list everyone, but will mention Emily Z. who is rapidly getting back to her best after having time off from running; and Louise Upston, who has been getting back into running after a break to focus on moving and doing up her and Wixy’s new home. This really shows that breaks and injuries are temporary and we can always come back if we want to, so don’t be afraid of taking them if you feel that your body and mind need that rest.

June also saw the Harwich Sprint Triathlon, the Ridley Round Trail race, the Suffolk Trail Festival, a 50-mile endurance run down in Kent, a relay race in London, Pretty Muddy (part of the Race for Life series), the Niagara Falls half marathon, the Trail des Cretes,  and the HongKongPhooey Trail run. Well done to all who took part in them.

We also had the Somerset Trip that Paul C organised. This trip gave the option of several distances of run and from reports back was great fun for all. I was very sorry to have missed it. I know that Paul is hoping to organise other similar trips going forward, so  look out for information about them. The next confirmed one will be the Yorkshire Three Peaks in August (14th to 16th), a repeat of the adventure some of you went on last year – details available from Paul!

Finally, this month saw Round 3 of Rodger’s Trail Series. I am now out of the running to take the trail shield this year so I shall use this chance to wish the best of luck to the ladies that are tussling it out at the top of the points board: I look forward to seeing who comes out top in October! Well done to everyone who has taken part in the series so far, the next race is the 13-miler in August, details will be on the GBRC webpage nearer the time.

A look ahead

What does July have in store for us?

This week we have our Friday 5 race! Thank you to everyone who has come forward to volunteer as a marshal; as a club we have a reputation for cheering every runner really loudly, so let’s keep that going on Friday! Whoop whoop!

We also have a reputation for putting out a fabulous display of cakes for the runners to buy after the race: if you have time to bake and can help stock the cake sale, please do bring something along!

We will see the ends of both the Harwich 5k and Mickey Edwards series, good luck to all who are running in those.

This month the club also holds the Geoff Day Memorial 5k. This race has been put on in memory of one of the clubs’ greatest runners whose life was sadly cut short prematurely. Geoff was supremely talented, which is evidenced by the frequency with which is name appears in the GBRC top ten lists. Ryan, Geoff’s son, is also evidence of Geoff’s talent as he has clearly inherited it! For more information about Geoff, you can use the links on our website ( The race will be on 25 July and it would be great to see a massive blue-vest turn out.

On July 15th we have what is up there with the best club days of the year – Ekiden! At the time of writing I now need another runner so if you want to run please email me! If you are running, please bear with me, all you need to know will be emailed to you before the day. Massive thank you to the volunteered-by-me helpers who have made organising the teams so much easier.

A little further into the future is XC season. We start in pool A for yet another year and hopefully we can still be in Pool A at the end of the season. Vicky has circulated the dates for this year – get these in your diaries now!

Training continues as usual, hills on Monday, structured sessions on Wednesday and Friday (with Mickey Edwards), and ‘casual’ runs on Sunday mornings. Caroline and Mick have worked hard to incorporate what people want to focus on into the schedule so take a look and hopefully you will be able to see something that takes your fancy.

As the weather continues to stay warm and muggy I’ll repeat my words of last month: stay aware of your hydration and food. We have had a few runners recently suffering in the heat, which is horrible to witness as well as awful for the runner in question. If you are running in the evening, try to hydrate throughout the day and remember not to gulp water too quickly afterwards, let your body cool down as you slowly sip water after running.

If you did want to speak to someone about training or race preparation, both Caroline and Mick are available. And there is of course a wealth of knowledge at the club so if you wanted to talk about something specific, there will always be someone that is able to point you to a good source of advice.

Finally, my usual plea! If you are heading to a race this month, check out Facebook or speak to people on Wednesday club night to see if you can car share. Not only does it help race organisers out by reducing the need for car parking space, it gives you someone to chat to on the way there and back.

Welcome welcome…

We are often seeing new members at training, welcome to you all! If you can, do pop over to me and say hello so I can put names to faces. I look forward to running with you in the weeks to come.

We forget sometimes to introduce ideas such as the club standards and club champs to new members. So…

Standards are times set for age groups as targets for achievement: take a look at our webpage and see what you might be working towards!

Club champs runs through the year with the fastest in each age category for a distance winning an award at the end of the year. You can see the current champs list, rules and how to submit your time on the webpage as well.

I will also highlight our private Facebook group. More and more this is used as the quickest way to communicate with members, so if you can be a member of the FB group I would recommend it. To be added to the private group, you need to be Facebook-friends with someone who is already a member. If you need help with this (ie don’t usually use Facebook) speak to someone at training on a Wednesday, I am sure they will be happy to help. You can also submit times for standards and champs through the race results post at the top of the FB group page.

What an inspiration!

Each month I hope to highlight some ladies that have personally inspired me for the dedication they put into their training, the fears or obstacles they overcome and their courage to take on new challenges:

First, my trusty Vice-Captain Debs Cubberley. Debs is often happy to enjoy her runs, doing loads of races but not necessarily running at full pelt for all of them. This of course is a perfectly valid way to enjoy running and I would never say otherwise. Recently, however, I know she has set some goals and Debs has been pushing herself to get faster and stronger to achieve those which is also great to see. This month she has ran in Canada, punctuating her holiday with both a half marathon and a parkrun. A true inspiration Debs, you are getting faster and stronger every week.

Magdalena Komorowska continues to impress with personal best runs throughout the Friday 5 series and has also ran her first marathon this month. Well done Mags – make sure you find time for recovery now as you prepare for your autumn challenges.

Louise Upston has made her way back to running after some time off. She took part in HR24 and, so I am told, had a smile on her face the whole time, even at 3am! I know she helped to keep everyone in high spirits which really is the key to 24-hour races. Louise has also been seen running at parkrun with canine pal Betty this month and pushing herself at Mickey Edwards, I look forward to seeing her running over the rest of the summer.

Finally, an inspiration this month is Angel Jasper. Angel is probably the smallest member of our female squad, but she is some of the biggest fight in her! In the recent past she has had several personal best runs at Junior parkrun and she took home 1st girl (over 8) at the Capel-5 fun run event. Well done Angel!

Runner of the Month

This month’s runner of the month is someone who has worked hard to get herself strong and confident in racing. She has taken part at the Friday 5 series this year, running strongly in four of the five races to date. She has also improved her 5,000m time throughout the Mickey Edwards series; and this month ran her first ever marathon when down in Somerset! I have been running with this person since before I joined GBRC, in fact she is one of the people who encouraged be to join, so for that I have a personal thank you.

Well done Hien Hoang, you are my Runner of the Month for June.

(Sorry, I couldn’t find a photo without Paul in the background…)