Men’s Newsletter March 2018


I wanted to start by saying thanks to everyone in the club for a warm welcome on becoming Men’s Captain. Having been a member of GBRC for nearly 5 years and accomplishing many personal goals as a result…. it was time to step up. I hope to not let you down. Chris is a truly inspirational member of the club and I thank him for everything he’s done. I also want to thank Andy Fuller for his role as VC and for being one of the most approachable members of the club, always willing to give his time to others – I look forward to his return to running and seeing him at training in the near future. I welcome Scott Young as VC and I look forward to working with him over the next year!

New Members:

A very warm welcome to two new members this month; Jason Skelton and Dave Jones. You’ve made the right choice. Come for the running but stay for the cake…I’m sure you will enjoy your time at Bentley J.


Lets kick thing off with XC….. March saw the last in the XC series at Gosfield whilst securing our position in the A league. Another season with a fantastic turnout from the men whether you’re competing to be at the front of the field, testing yourself, turning out for the club atmosphere or adding strength and conditioning to your training regime. Congratulations to Adam Smith being voted XC runner of the season. XC has something for everyone and I hope when XC returns later in 2018 we can get even more involved.

Paul Blackwell took on the Viking 100 challenge, completing 30 miles whilst being a night-time pacer for Janine. This bloke has legs of steel…I have to say (although not a man)… well done to Janine Simpson for an utterly amazing performance at completing 100 miles. Hats off.

The Beast from the East came to try and disrupt us runners but that didn’t deter the team of Bentley members who completed Grizzly in ridiculous conditions that even Ben Ficken would admire. Also well done to Dave Green who technically won after a minor route change ;). I’m sure next year we can get an even bigger Bentley team to make the trip to Devon. Alas, it wasn’t all good news as we had race cancellations including the Essex 15, which is rumoured to return later in the year possibly in October. Well done to all who managed to train in the snow, it can be particularly difficult for those training for spring marathons.

Last weekend was busy with many turning out for the Essex relays followed by Colchester HM the next day! At Essex Relays Dan Clapton bagged a 5k pb plus Silver standard, Charlie Keitch a Silver standard, Tim Ballard a pb plus Silver standard and Rob Blackman a bronze standard. Great times …standards are hard to achieve so very well done! Tomasz Komorowski earnt a pb double at the Essex relays and CHM. 19 men entered CHM producing some great times including pb’s from Nick Goodman, newcomer Jason Skelton, Silver standards for Peter Benton and Paul Connell. Three standout performances for me from; Adam Smith (Gold standard) finishing 25th, Tim Ballard (Silver standard) finishing 44th and Eric Shaw (Gold standard) finishing first in his age category. Just amazing.


Injury is only temporary. It can get the best of us down when we cant train, run and race so its great to see those who have been out of action or struggling with an injury to return. I know there’s a few of you but well done Mark Critter at the London Landmarks HM – one of the most determined and strong-minded men at GBRC. Neil Robbins has been fighting to get back from leg injury and running strong once again at the LLHM also. Lee Clarkson represented Bentley internationally by running a half mara in Cyprus; getting back to good running form in his goal to catch up with Matt Jones’ pace. Ade Cherry after injury and 3 years of deferring, ran Colchester HM at an awesome pace…I’m sure we will see more of his fizzy speed in the future. Finally Paul Davison who returned to racing after nearly a year out at the Essex Relays – well done all.

 Club Champs:

Congrats to the following for earning a place on the club champs during March:

  • Tom Colsell: 5k 23:17 (Junior)
  • Adam Smith: HM 1:20:49 (Senior)
  • Dave Green: XC 1st (Senior)
  • Dan Clapton: 5k 18:59 (Male40)
  • Paul Connell: HM 1:28:08 (Male45)
  • Paul Hollidge: Marathon 4:08:08 (Male45)
  • Chris Warren: XC 27th (Male45)
  • Peter Benton: XC 98th (Male50)
  • Neil Robins: HM 2:29:21 (Male55)
  • Paul Carlisle: XC 70th (Male55)
  • Frank Gardiner: HM 2:04:07 (Male60)
  • Frank Gardiner: XC 135th (Male60)
  • Martin West XC 144th (Male65)
  • Eric Shaw: HM 1:51:35 (Male70)

Women’s Captain:

Commiserations to Steve Black for losing out on the women’s captain position to Meera. There’s always 2019…


Congrats to Paul Hollidge and Debs (Cubberlidge) for his marriage proposal at the finish line of Little rock marathon. She said yes! We all await details of the stag do….

Future Races:

April features many races as the spring season hots up! Bromley 10k, London marathon of course and the GBRC trail run season begin April 15th: Tendring Village Hall. There’s also Notely Duathlon at the end of month for those interested. I look forward to hearing about everything you’ve got up to!

Good luck to those training for London Marathon, as you get to the end of what has likely been a gruelling training programme of endless miles. All that hard work is about to pay off. You should all be entering a tapering period soon so eat well, stay hydrated and remember the hard work is done and enjoy the day.


As the evenings get lighter now we can start using the 5 mile road route on club nights. Keep an eye on the training pages for info and remember to keep wearing high viz so we can all stay safe.


I asked Chris to pick his last runner of the month for March (I would have picked the same person without a doubt). Chris says….. There’s been some pretty excellent results this month from Tim Ballard, Paul Connell and Tomasz Komorowski. The stand out performance and personal choice as ROM is Eric Shaw…amazing time at CHM, 1st in his age category, smashed the Gold standard, always there for others at the club, is Bentley through and through and for Chris, made him feel the most welcome when he first joined the club.

Congratulations Eric Shaw!