Larking about the Dales

On Friday evening 19 of our runners left Essex to drive up to Derbyshire to take part in the 6 Dales challenge, although not an official part of the challenge the team spent a night on air beds in the local village hall on Friday night which is obviously perfect preparation for any event! The challenge itself started in the small farming village of Biggin in Derbyshire and the trek took them through 6 of Derbyshires fantastic dales, Biggin Dale, Wolfscote Dale, Beresford Dale, Lathkill Dale, Bradford Dale and Long Dale. Each of these Dales is advertised as “offering its own different and fantastic scenery, being one of the most beautiful routes” for an event to be held on. This is a challenging event which takes in a variety of mixed terrain and over 1000m of ascent with the entire route being waymarked, so there is no self navigation required.  Our intrepid team were Vicky Presland, Phil Presland, Matt Laverick, John Booty, Rob Blackman, Helene Tyler, Fiona Gosling, Geraldine Springett, Paul Carlisle, Anthea Colsell, Russ Sharpe, Neil Robins, Amy Young, Gary Hill, Caroline Searle, Rodger Alexander and Malcolm Jarvis (all pictured below) along with out of shot Magda and Tomas Komorowska.
6 Dales
[The 6 Dales crew]
On a Saturday morning Paul Hollidge and Debs Cubberley are normally seen undertaking a scenic 5k run around the Colchester Castle parkrun (small p etc. etc.) however as a switch up from that they decided that running 10 times this distance would be a great idea this Saturday.  They travelled to Kings Forest which is a few miles outside Bury St Edmunds to take a crack at their 50k ultra which the pair duly completed in around 5 hours and 25 minutes.  Deciding that a marathon would suit him Matt Jones went to Stratford Upon Avon to run the  Raceways Autumn Shakespeare Marathon; finishing in a time of 3:23:05 he recorded a PB by 42 seconds (bettering the 3:23:47 from about 3 weeks ago). Matt explained that “it was a very fast route – a pancake flat course at Long Marston Airfield, the basic course was a 5k loop, which for the marathon translated to 8 laps after we had completed an initial smaller loop of about 1.4 miles.”  He started well and felt he was on track to knock a few minutes off his PB time but unfortunately faded a little towards the end having to stop at least 10 times in the last mile with a calf that wouldn’t stop cramping.  Matt would recommend this race however, this is the last running of the event as the course is being sold off for a housing development.
Ultra 50k[Paul Hollidge and Debs Cubberley at the end of the Kings Forest 50k]
So Saturday and parkrun, Clacton Seafront took the volume of Blue vest title this week with 8 runners toeing the line Ray Baggs (20:02), Patrick Reynolds (22:17), Kevin James (23:30), Brian Telford (23:41), Rob Thorpe (24:35), Alison Clarke (31:20), Peter Reeve (33:08), and Sandra James (36:37). At Colchester Castle there were just the 6 Andy Stephens (23:14), Nick Goodman (23:21), Meera Rajoo-Oakley (24:01), Jake Darkins (25:16), Natalie Warriner (27:20), whilst Milly Presland made the most of her parents being up in Derbyshire to be the first female finisher in 20:26.  Harwich prom saw just 2 club runners Frank Gardiner (24:49) and Cherie Hipkins (37:50) whilst two was the magic number at Mersea too Ben Ficken (20:31) and Sam Godden who was also the first female finisher in 22:09.