Little Legs On Heat


This weekend saw some very proud dad moments, starting with when Angel Jasper ran her 24th junior parkrun in her 2nd ever fastest time, 10:16. This great time helped her see a top 3 female finish for the first time, achieving second girl home and also first in her age category JW10. Also following in their fathers footsteps were Isabella Jones with a new PB of 13:31 and George Jones seconds behind in 13:36.


One little boy piling on the pounds as he turns one and sadly not helping his dad running any faster is Cassius Keitch lording it up in his running buggy. Charlie Keitch still managed a BB (Buggy Best) at Clacton parkrun finishing in 20:17 but his son’s appetite seems to be preventing him breaking the 20 minute barrier. Clacton parkrun saw Ray Baggs chasing the buggy, finishing in 20:23, Jake Darkins 21:59, Kevin James 23:25, Claudia Keitch 28:36, Scott Young 28:46 and Sandra James 36:42. A blue vest claimed second lady again which belonged to Amy Young in 25:33.

Returning from injury, Luke Groves ran Mersea Island parkrun in a very respectable 27:45 with Meatball finishing as first dog. Ade Cherry also ran finishing in 23:41.

Harwich parkrun was slightly more popular than recent weeks for GBRC with Ben Ficken 20:12, Malcolm Jarvis 21:32, Antoinette Wilson 23:43, Magdalena Komorowska 25:04 and Tomasz Komorowski 25:31 all opting to run the coast with Wilson being the second female to finish second this weekend.


Opting for the hills at Colchester Castle parkrun were Kevin Stevens 24:01, Nicholas Goodman 24:29, James McCullagh 26:18 and Linzi Iddon 45:16. Mallon Prom parkrun saw a lonely Paul Connell finish 5th in 19:20. Debs Cubberley, Paul Hollidge and Milly Presland ventured to Great Cornard parkrun and finished in 27:09, 21:48 and 21:09 respectively with Milly finishing as first female.


Last but not least, starting at a completely different time to the rest of us was Caroline Searle completing Albert parkrun in Melbourne. This one lap of a lake rounded off her running adventures down under in a very hot 27:29.

Choosing not to partake in parkrun was Andy Stephens completing the Nelson Mandela 15km trail run which he finished in 01:34:16.

Monday was surprisingly hot for a Bank Holiday and Matthew Jones finished the Viper 15 trail run in and around Chelmsford in 01:59:15. This involved self navigation and he  did get lost a couple of times resulting in a distance of 15.22 miles.

I shall finish this Race Report with –

An Ode to Mersea

Around Mersea Island took place a 5 and 10 mile run,
Not much fun in the blaring sun,
Sadly for the first time a DNF was to be had,
But if he’d needed medical attention Eric Shaw would be sad.

The official results are not yet out,
But everyone is checking the site, there’s no doubt,
Apart from one man who ran like an ill chicken,
Achieving a 10 mile PW it was Ben Ficken.

Float like a butterly, run 10 miles like Bee,
01:48:06 saw Palmer-Barnes ready for a dip in the sea,
Close behind in 01:49:41,
Made Sue Sorrell ready for a sit down on her bum.

McCullagh wondered if overtaking a wheelchair is alright,
But this didn’t stop him when he saw the finish in sight,
Finishing in 01:21:12 he was snapped in a hot sweaty mess,
Bet he wishes Eric Shaw was not a DNF.

Opting for the 5 mile one lap,
Emma and Davina were quick to the cold tap,
42:37 was a good result for Swindell,
Without having her dog alongside to dwindle.

Emma Levett-Welham finished in 58:59,
Pleased to finish and not worried about the time,
No one else has come forward to claim any result,
So no further members shall I insult!