Ladies Newsletter – February



Writing this after just finishing the last XC of the season.  Latest ever finish so for a number of us it has been tricky juggling marathon training with running 5 mile off road races but we got there and did it in style.  Think the best cake was left to last (although Sandra was back today!!) with a very scrummy spread.  Hats off to Rita who finally got her trail shoes a bit muddy (think she left it until the mud had all dried up) and dipped her toe into XC after a 12 year break.  A great run from Rachel today brought her home as the 4th scorer with Meera and Eileen putting in their usual performances both on the back of long runs yesterday.  The Juniors did well with Hallie scoring for the first time – gone was the chatting at the end and a look of pure determination today, not sure if that was to do with the fact she wasn’t going to let her brother beat her.  Megan has improved from race to race and for someone so petite, she is holding her own with girls a number of years older.  Katie is picking up again after falling into that pesky pothole at Bentley.

We have had another XC this month at Springfield.  A new course which I really enjoyed – a bit of everything – 2 lakes, muddy field, grass, a bit of woodland, a few mini hills.  We didn’t have Meera and Emily was sick but Anna hadn’t disappeared to Vietnam by then so she was out and about putting in a solid run despite what she thinks herself.  Eileen was there to score and Chusa joined the scorers with a great run (another one off sunning herself this weekend!!).  Great to see so many women taking part this season and finally realising it really doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get round.  As the marshall at the ‘puddle’ said to me today (the same marshall who is the referee at most of our races) running is about participating and it fills him with pride to see everyone giving it a go.

Over at Tarpley, Natalie and Karen run Tarpley 10 whilst Alison and Debs took on Tarpley 20.  Both Natalie and Karen were chuffed over their runs with Karen getting very close to her gold standard time (Russ is thinking of doing a 10 mile race in the summer which is flat so you can get it then). Debs got a bronze standard at Tarpley in 3:14 but unfortunately as at the time of writing, I have not heard how Alison got on.

The race of the month was obviously at the start with the Bentley half.  A massive team effort – I really shouldn’t single people out but I don’t think some people realise the amount of work that goes into an event like that.  Sue and John sort out all the ‘stuff’ we need and put all those envelops together, Paul and Rodger don’t do any paid work in the days before looking after delivery of toilets, putting together baggage racks, sorting out the signage and Russ spends hours and hours in the months beforehand sorting out the logistics.  Well done you and again speaking to the referee today his very words were ‘I don’t know why Bentley ever worries about what I will say as it is a very slick well run race’.  Says it all.  Back to the actual race, Jenny, Chusa, Tricia and Debs run for the Bentley babes.  All had a good run with Jenny, Chusa and Debs all getting pbs.  Jenny did well to get to the start line after not feeling good in the days beforehand.

As per usual you have been Park running at various locations but it was great to see Claudia back running at Colchester Parkrun after a long period of injury.

Janine managed to run yet another marathon keeping Paul company on his mission to get into the 100 Marathon Club (not joined the 50 Club) – the Marathon Day Marathon in Kent which is held on the 26 of the second month of the year.   Janine is taking hills on Monday and I assume will be recovering so she will have more time to beast all of you especially Luke!!

So……to my Runner of the Month.  I was tempted to give it to Rita for her return to XC today but after a PB at Bentley and a bronze standard at Tarpley 20 with a time of 3:14, there was only 1 person who it was going to this month.  Marathon training is clearly suiting her along with being put through her paces by her training partner at Parkruns!!! So a massive well done to DEBS CUBBERLEY, you are the runner of the month for February.  Paul, you can give yourself a pat on the back too and HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us for your extra special birthday on Wednesday.


Busy month ahead – Essex 20, Colchester Half, Brentwood Half.  Take care with upping the distance – take it steady.


Best Wishes


Vicky x


PS           Easter Bunny doubles is one of my fave events of the year organised by the Easter Bunny          himself and Theresa where the whole family can join in.  Held on Easter Monday 28th March               at 9.15am.  Make sure you let the Easter Bunny know if you can go –   Don’t do it on facebook as they              will not pick it up


PPS        The 1st Rodger’s Trail Run of the season is coming up on 3rd April at Wrabness


PPPS      Ladies XC Meal is on 19 March at the Bengal Diner – all welcome, really doesn’t matter if you    have done XC or not.  An excuse for a night out.  Let me know if you want to join us.


PPPPS   Due to the number of falls we have had this winter at Bentley (not sure why it has been             particularly bad this winter as it has been mild and not even icy), we are concerned about   taking any more organised runs on the country lanes.  Therefore until the nights get lighter,     we will holding structured sessions in the Industrial Park generally in 2 groups so it is easily       manageable.  Every other week, we will continue with the great Yoga sessions with Paul