Ladies Newsletter – October


Happy Halloween ladies,its Lesley here.For thoseofyouthatdon’tknow me well,I am Vicki’s righthand woman, akaVice Captain.For thepast week Vickihas beenhaving some well deserved restand recooperation and asked me to check and send the Captainsreport.After reading aboutall the amazing performances youladieshave pulled outthebag,I think I speak for both of uswhen I say a huge congratulationsto you all.Each andeveryoneof youshouldbe very proudof yourselvesand each other for your greatrunning andexceptionalsupportthat you show each other atevery session and race. I have pastedbelow,Vicki’s own words,asI know she spent along timeresearching anddocumenting as many triumphsasshe could. I have justchanged the lastbit,butI am taking fulladvantage while the cats away,asitseemed like the perfectopportunity!


A busy month for the ladies and lovely tosee so many of youracing. Some of you pushing yourselvesso hard that a number of you spent October puking up after the finishline. Notsure I canrecommend thatbutshowsthe true grit and determination thatyouare putting intoit!!

The highlight of the month has to be Wix –2 Diamond Standards,4 Gold Standards,2 Silver

Standardsand 5 bronze standards,atleast17pbs, 1EssexGold Age Group Medal,1Essex Bronze Age Group Medaland hopefully 1Team bronze (a bitof anissue on the lastone but westillhave itatthe moment). 46 women racing. I hope youhave noted thatnumber!! A big thank you to Claire F,Claire R (choosing Wixover Chelmsford where Patrick wasrunning!!!),Caroline,Teresa and Marionfor cheering usround. Performanceof the Day wenttoAnna Millsfor a specialPB for her mixing itup with the boys and giving them a run for their money. My favourite partof

Wix is cheering everyone over the line butit madefor ahoarse throat with the constantstream of ladies. I didn’tevenhave to helpatthe startas Lizzie did such agreat job of organising you all.

Although we don’t match John Booty’s epic ultra running, usgirlscertainly notch upthe miles.

Alison wentback toChelmsfordhoping itwassecond timelucky for her and a year after itwas snatched away from her, she gotthe time she deserved. Meeraalso decided to takeon

Chelmsford finishing slightly in frontof Alison and just sneaked her Good for Age time for the

London Marathon. 2 weeksearlier,Lara hadquietly done the Lee Valley Marathon. After giving

me ahard work outona 18 miletraining run,shewas running strongly butsuch is theluck of the day with marathons,19 degreeson the day didn’t make iteasy butshe stillmanaged to dip under 4 hours. Lastweekend,Anna andSinead run Dublin Marathon. Extremely proud of both girls. Last winter,Sinead wasworried aboutdoing asecond laparoundBentley lanes whichtook her up to 7 miles. Annacontinued to have an impressive month with the 4th fastestmarathon time atBentley. Allof usabove her have only ran faster onceso unlike other top 10 performances,itis truly the 4th fastesttime.Chusa wasnotsatisfied with the marathondistance and did the Stort30 (even if she isn’timpressed,other girlswillbe asthey couldn’teven imagine running thatfar). As hewon’tpraise himself,ChrisdidVenice instyle dipping under 3 hours again.

A smaller contingentthan normalwenttoTiptree to do their 10 miler with thenasty hillatthe end justto finishyou off. All the girls–Steph,Caroline, Jennie,Chusa,Vicki- bagged a PB. Eileen notquite back towhereshe waspre injury although sheturned thataround atWix!! Poor Leoni having a mare of arace and now having totake iteasy for afew weeks–getwellsoon. Karen continued to get back into thoselonger distance with aslightly easier half marathon than the one she got ROTMfor theprevious month. Claire G wasenjoying Royal Parks Half. SueWright and I made themostof the flat 10k courseatMartlesham.

For those who have been attached to your bikes allsummer itwasthe lastduathlonsof the year and for some,time to try your first. Lovely courseatNotley with Lesley showing howstrong sheisnow on the bike,Eileenjust after (note thatisher third racein amonth!!),Sue Wright, Alison and Linzi trying outtheir firstones. 2 weekslater,some of thesamegroup were at Holbrook for the Peninsular Triathlon. LornaSharp led the way for the club finishing ina total time of 1hr 43mwinning her age group and wasthe 6th woman overall. Lesley and Rachelalso gotvery respectabletimes. Welldone girls.

Caroline ended the month by sneaking in a15 miler tobag the club champsspotfor thisage group. I can’tthink of any other 15milers around for anyone to compete with her for it. Good to seeher running strongly again even if it wasn’tapleasantcourse.Club champsrun to the 22

November so get those lastfewraces in and update Phil. Janine did her annualpilgrimage to the GreatSouth Run taking AlisonD with her where itsoundslikeI need togive ita go.


PS Getvoting for theannualawardsand letKaren know whatyou want to eatif you are coming along for our annualbash

PPS 10.45pmon 1November isthe first XC of theseason at Notley Country Park. I am sure she won’tmind me repeating whatshe said to another lady butin Sandra’s own words,she may be last,she may walk,she enjoystalking to theback marshalssotherest of youhave nothing to fear. Come and join in. BUT….. youarenotallgoing to enjoy alittle gossip aroundthecourse.

We need to stay in Division 1and therefore we need to get asmany pointsaspossible. You have no ideawho willturn up on the day so pleasecome and help the club.

PPPS On 22nd November,I asked Darren to include intheschedule a Sunday morning runfrom the Martello Café in Clacton starting from8am. Consciouswe donotdo much thatisClacton way and a number of you have asked for itin the past so pleasecome andturn outif you live thatway. Café opensat9am so you can fillyour bellies afterwardswith acup of tea or a full brekkie,whatever takesyour fancy!!

RUNNER OF THE MONTH- Lesley’s Choice

She willhateme for this,but I hopethat I speak for alltheladies of the club, old andnew when I say that my ROTMis someonethat represents everything that our club stands for.

With her ongoing commitment and support,she shows a levelof integrity that allows us all to strive and achieveour personalgoals, whether it be to finish a hillsession without

needing emergency services or to run 10miles in a pb time.She is very unassuming and

hates the limelight, but I just want to congratulate her on a spectacular run at Martlesham 10k on 11thOctober, where sheknocked a minute anda half off her timeto gain a pb and a Diamond standard. Not content withthat she woke up with fire in her belly a week later at Wix 5 miler, where she knockeda further minuteoff her time and again was awarded a Diamond standard. It goes without saying that this person demonstrates great strength and speed, which I personally admireand strive for, so she certainly leads by example and is always happy to share her wisdom and experience, so for that reason my runner of the month goes to our very ownCaptain……………VickiPresland.


Regards Lesley