Men’s Newsletter – May

May Newsletter


Hi Gents hope you are all well and looking forward to the summer races, May has provided various distances from 5k through to 50 miles, congratulations to John Booty going long haul with an impressive 88th place finish in the ND 50, John maintained a good even pace throughout having gone through 24 miles in 4:08, and went on to finish in 10:15, on a scenic but tough hilly course.

Mixed emotions for our marathon runners, Paul Carlisle, Clive Thomas, Darren Horner and John Mckay all successfully completed Halstead, Jamie Neill returned to Flitch Way, unfortunately Ben Ficken had to pull out with injury at mile 21, having been leading the race at halfway, and injury curtailed Paul Hollidge’s 1st marathon attempt in Milton Keynes at mile 22, it just proves you can have perfect training for a marathon but its one of those distances you just hope the body will see you safely through to the end.

On Super Sunday, 11 of you ran Colchester 10k, well done to Graham Clarke finishing 1st in the over 65’s, Kevin James was 2nd in the over 60’s, Michael Belton hit a new pb, as did the caped crusader Luke Groves at Alton Water,

The Harwich 5k series began with 18 of you taking on the gentle breeze along the coastline, which clearly had a big effect considering all 15 that returned for race 2 improved by over 30 seconds or more on the 1st race.

Tom Fowler hit the heritage off road marathon coming very close to a pb, Matt Knowles continued he’s comeback at the Baddow 10, another 11 of you ran the very popular Hatfield broad oaks 10k, With Martin Owen returning to racing, and Mark Ross coming into form with a quicker time than last year’s event, with both Scott Young and Paul Hollidge finishing with new pb’s.

A huge Well done to the following guys on achieving Standards this Month

Matthew Knowles Silver Mickey Edwards

Michael Belton Bronze Colchester 10K

Matthew Knowles Bronze Baddow 10 mile

Paul Hollidge Bronze Hatfield Broad Oak 10K

Scott Young Bronze Hatfield Broad Oak 10K

Club News & Events

The new Social Committee arranged their 1st club event at what turned out to be a very wet and soggy breakfast run around Alton Water, even with the conditions over 60people turned out to support them, so well done to them for setting it up and to all who attended.

Rodgers trail run around Friday Woods proved a huge hit, 17 of us took part on a lovely course, and if you followed the instructions correctly as Darren and Paul did then you finish 1st having run 8-9 miles, but if like me you lost the plot, time very quickly disappears and before long, you’ve been caught and on your way to a 10+ mile run!

Tempo runs have began on Wednesday night at Bentley, these will continue throughout the summer period, but do keep a check on the training list for alterations, feedback has been good so far and I hope we can continue to accommodate as many of you as possible to suit your pace, and see you striving for the next group up as you continue to improve your overall pace.

The Micky Edwards series continued with my thanks to all of you who volunteered to marshal, I was delighted to have so many offers to keep our runners fully supported and safe throughout the race, congratulations to the prize winners, Patrick Bastow finished 2nd in the heat, Clive Thomas although pacing, maintained the fastest male t-shirt for he’s 19:25 and congratulations to Darren Horner, Graham Clarke, Keith Oakley, John Bush, and Paul Hollidge all for achieving pb’s.

Looking Ahead

We have 2 Micky Edwards races in June, along with another track session at Ipswich on the 26th June, where Michael Simmons and I will be challenging you all to take part in a 1 mile time trial race on the track, so please let us know if you can attend.

In between this many of you will be attending Endure 24, I so hope the weather is kind to you this year, Rodger and Ben are going solo, and Ben will be raising money for St Helena hospice (link below) add to this Rodgers 6 mile trail run in Coggeshall on the 28th June and its another bumper month in the Bentley Calendar.

Also if you wish to run in the GB Friday 5 don’t forget to put your name down to marshal as well, and names will be drawn in due course.



This guy has been running really well all year and been improving every month, knocking not just seconds but minutes off he’s 5k, 10k, and half marathon times, if there’s a race on, you will see him there, in fact he’s even been seen on telly watching cricket, how does he find the time! This week alone he ran Hatfield 10k on Monday, Harwich 5k Tuesday, Ipswich 5 Friday, then rounded it off with a park run. Congratulations to John Bush my runner of the month