Ladies Newsletter – February


Spring will be officially here tomorrow and feels like you have all sprung back into life. Although, I am sitting here at my computer not feeling any spring in my step after a tough 19 with Darren this morning so enjoying the opportunity to sit on my bottom for a while.

Four new ladies will be seeing this newsletter for the first time so a big welcome to Katie, Simone, Chloe and Sue. The addition of these lovely ladies lowers our average age and great to see some younger girls throwing themselves into the sessions. Hoping that you will allow me to work towards retirement in XC…..

After a bit of a shaky start to the new training schedule on a Friday you have got into the swing of it, thoroughly outnumbering the men last night. You all did great but I was extremely proud of Ruth who pushed herself to her max. Lorna and Claire went up a group giving Marion a good workout and Nina, Simone, Pauline and Karen worked hard with Steph. These are tempo runs – they are not meant to be comfortable. Don’t worry about giving the group above a go – you can always drop off the pace if you can’t hold on.

We started the month at XC at Hadleigh. Hats off to the Juniors (luckily the only 2 girls were mine so I can’t be accused of torturing other people’s kids) – the snow started, it was freezing cold and thick mud. Katie came in second girl overall (which gave her 3rd in her age group for the season) and Milly did well to finish second in her age group after having to wear most of my running clothes as I hadn’t expected the weather to be quite like it was. The sun came out for the Adult race. Sam came and joined us to boost our team. Along with me, Sam, Tricia and Lorna scored. Tricia and Lorna both had great races. I have had a hard time choosing my Runner of the Month this time around and both of you were in the mix. The other runners were Lex Carlisle, Sue Sorrell, Rachel Giles, Claire Reynolds, Claire Groves and Caroline Searle. Lex and Sue did them all. The ladies rewarded Sue for this commitment and her strong performances with the XC Runner of the Year. Claire Groves and Sophie Apps were runners- up.

Linzi missed XC for the London Winter 10k getting a new PB (one of several in the month) and then a week later taking a massive 17 minutes off her PB at the Bentley half. In the intervening weeks, she sticks to her training schedule for the marathon. Linzi is truly inspirational but, as I have told her myself, she is currently on a journey and that Runner of the Month is there for her but I am going to make her wait a little longer for it!! x

We went from the mud and snow at Hadleigh to our own flat half a week later on a beautiful morning. Found out the great news that Claire Reynolds is pregnant so congratulations to Patrick and Claire. I have sought permission before I told the world!! Be great to see some of you recent Mums back when you get the chance even if you come to say hello. We had 9 ladies runner at Bentley and you all did us proud – Tonie added another diamond standard to her collection. Steph

bounced back strongly after a month of injury and illness. Pauline completed it in a very respectable time after nearly not having the confidence to do it, so well done you. The rest of you, be it on the cake stand, stuffing bags, marshalling, on the water station, giving out numbers were fantastic and the reviews have been great for the club. I am afraid I am keeping Sandra and Claire on the water station for another year with new babe in tow as the refreshments in the back of Kev’s van were too good!!

A quiet week followed in preparation for the National XC Champs last weekend, our XC meal and Tarpley on the Sunday. Of course, Chusa and Claudia are regulars at the Parkruns with others joining them for the odd race. After speaking to Phil this morning, I am wondering if you are all going for the 5k run itself or the coffee in the Coffee Cube afterwards. Caroline, Bee and Helene represented us at the Champs – they all came to the meal in the evening looking very tired and luckily clean for us given the mud fest they had just done. What people do not realise is the adults are the last to go and the juniors have been churning the course up from first thing in the morning so it is thick sticky mud all the way round. They survived and can say with pride that they completed a National Event. It will not be back in London for another 4 years .

We fielded 8 ladies at Tarpley at the 10 mile and 20 mile race and some amazing times. Alison Clarke got a diamond standard (another one I have toyed with for Runner of the Month) and the other Alison did 2:49 for the 20 which is a great time (have a feeling you are just about to put the Chelmsford Marathon fiasco firmly behind you). Theresa bounced back to fitness being the first GBRC lady back in the 10 miler with Rachel and Chusa on her heels. I was just glad Debs got around after running with her on the Wednesday and Janine survived the 20 even after playing the good Samaritan on her way round.

To start to bring my ramblings to a close, I would like to give my thanks to Marion and Anita for being a great press secretary and social secretary. They have spent hours and hours and hours behind the scenes doing work to support the club and I am sure it is much appreciated by us all. You will be missed. We desperately need people to fill their shoes or share the role. Please have a think and I am sure that they would be happy to talk through what needs to be done. You all have the tough choice now who to pick as your ladies vice captain, remember to vote by emailing Paul.

So finally to my Runner of the Month. I struggled this month, certainly not due to lack of choice but down to who I thought just nudged it above the others. Lorna, Tricia, Alison C and Linzi were all there. I haven’t chosen someone that got a standard, although by her watch not gun time, she did at Tarpley. However she has increased her mileage taking part in her first half marathon and then fitting in a mere 10 as well as XC. She has come on no end in training so much so that I am wondering what Luke makes of his wife who started running after him but had to keep walking. So having now given it away, CLAIRE GROVES, you are the Runner of the Month for February. Well done you.


For a number of us the miles are now racking up with Essex 20 and Colchester half both in March – remember don’t increase the mileage too much too soon and hope you all achieve all that you desire.

Bye for now.

Vicky x

PS Remember to keep Easter Monday free for the Easter bunny doubles……