Ladies Newsletter – May



Another month has flown past – the tail end of the Marathons and 5k races everywhere – from one extreme to another. For those of us recovering from the marathons (another 7 women completed them in May, Willow and Lex running a strong first marathon and 5 women completing their second of the year), you will notice that virtually all of us are not bounding around those 5k courses and our legs have demanded a rest.


However that leaves the 40 of you that have run a 5k this month at a Parkrun, Harwich or the Mickey Edwards. You will note that to prevent myself just repeating Marion’s newsletters I have turned myself into a statistician!! Some of the time you are taking off of those times is A-MAZ-ING. I can’t use any smiley faces anymore in these reports as they turn out as ‘J’ on the website but at this point I would generally use lots of them. Sandra, Katie, Steph, Claire R, Rita, Bee, Louise and Anita have all knocked large chunks of time off. Sandra has cut almost 4 minutes off her 5k time in the Mickey Edwards and I will have to applaud my daughter, Katie, who has shocked most of us by cutting off over 3 minutes. This week’s results are not out yet but most of you seemed happy with your times. Great to see some of the newer ladies running stronger and more confidently.


As my competitive streak comes out, loving the fact I can see the determination in your eyes as you aim for those standards and times. You have kept Eric busy on his printer – Steph definitely leads the way in using the most printer ink. Rebecca got her first of many I hope and Sue M/Marion struck gold. Some unearthed diamonds but back to that later……


The women’s team currently lead the Essex Championships after the first 2 events of the year, Essex 20 and Halstead Marathon – the team isn’t a set group of people, it is the first 3 over the line on the day. We now have a team out for Great Easton so thank you Ladies. We may not win the series but we can give it our best shot. Eileen is riding high in the rankings so she continues to run strong and Anna will tell you she isn’t running well but pulled it out of the bag to complete our ladies team at Halstead. I am currently leading my age group and second overall but I will dip as I am not able to run at Great Easton.


Great to see Barbara back running and competing – her placing in the Essex Championship is safe as there was no-one in her age group competing at Halstead. Sam is upping the mileage again so hopefully her injury is also behind her.


So to return to my Runner of the Month – she was a strong contender a couple of months ago for her run in the Grizzly but this month she has shown her strength again by not only obtaining her diamond standard for her age group but also for the age group below and posting one of the fastest 5k times this season for the ladies. An amazing lady who also gives so much to others to improve their running in her work as a running coach – sorted out my aches and pains this morning! Well done TONIE Wilson, really looking forward to running with you at Endure. Don’t congratulate her on facebook, she won’t read it!!


Good luck to everyone in their running in June – we have some people running halfs, Lesley stacking up the miles for the Stour Valley Marathon and the rest of us wondering exactly what Endure will be like at the end of the month. The Friday Fives will be in full swing. Looking forward to seeing all of the results.


I apologise if I have left anyone out – Marion’s race reports contain individual results and I don’t want to simply regurgitate that. However please email me or speak to me if I am missing someone’s achievements – I am not out to upset anyone!!


Best Wishes


Vicky x


PS The men have 6 teams for Ekiden, we have not scraped together 2 yet!! Let’s see if we can get a couple more teams together – email Paul if you are interested. I also have more than 1 Junior Team but not yet 2 teams so a couple more juniors would be lovely (only 1.1km each leg)


PPS If you want to run the Bentley 5, you need to let Paul know asap – you need to highlight if you are going into the general draw or are eligible due to you running the Friday 5 series. Goes without saying, no running without signing up to Marshall duties!