Ladies Newsletter – April


If I thought the first month of being ladies captain was a difficult month to highlight individual performances due to sheer quantity, what a second month!! Firstly welcome to Louise, Pauline, Hien, Lindsey and Julie who have joined us as members in the last month. I haven’t met you all yet but I will come and say hello when our paths next cross.

 I always think of April in terms of marathons but we have also had people competing in halfs, 10k, mud races, 5 miles, 5ks and Duathlons so a real variety.

 In terms of Marathons there has been Brighton, Manchester and London. I am also intrigued about whether Helene took part in another one just after she got a PB at the Enigma Half Marathon. Haven’t touched base with her yet to find out if she is just mad, hard core or was winding everyone up!!!?? J All the women completed their marathons which is an amazing achievement. Janine still completing one in under 4 hours despite being poorly in the run up. Eileen carried on her fantastic ‘run’ with an entry into the top 10 performances for GBRC at number 7 (Eileen, you need to claim your place with Graham Semple). Bee and Ruth getting to the finish line despite everything thrown at them including Rhinos in loo queues and painful blisters. Not mentioned but not forgotten – a big well done to Miriam, Natalie, Emma, Lindsay W, Kate, Anna, Sam (and me!!) for crossing that line. More women follow next month at Halstead – good luck all.

 Going down the distances although, given that I personally find 5k the worse distance, not necessarily getting easier we have the half marathon. Steph and Davina competed in the Bungay half marathon which I have heard is not the easiest of courses coming 18th and 29th respectively. More on this later. Lindsay B went to Lincoln to do a 10k so it is back to running for her with avengence. Karen kept the men company at Braintree 5 mile.

 Mickey Edwards has started at the club on some Wednesdays and last night was the second race. My husband has not shared the results with me yet!! But wow, what a performance you girls put in for the first race. Tonie got her diamond standard, Sue got her gold, Steph silver and Pauline bronze. Lesley – I am thoroughly confused what you ended up with!! Seeing Sue’s proud face when she told someone else what she achieved (and I was listening in) shows how hard you work for these standards. A big thank you to Ipswich Jaffa for handing us Clare S as she was first lady home in a fab time.

 I will finish with the Gaunlet and the Duathlon. The Gaunlet was soooooo muddy. It took them so much longer to get round it due to the thick sticky deep bogs, ponds and ditches. Willow somehow managed to be the 7th woman home with hardly any mud on her but the same cannot be said for Lesley, Laura and Helene who were covered!! Not everyone’s idea of fun but most people are still smiling and laughing at the end. The Harwich Duathlon was on Sunday (a bike and running race) and

girlies, what a team we were – 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th women home. Well done Claire, Anna and Tricia. Very proud of the Duathlon newbies Lesley and Lynsey A who survived and I think enjoyed it.

 I will finish with thanking Theresa and her other half for a great Easter Bunnies Doubles where lots of us took part and Anita for organising the XC Meal. Really good night out – looking forward to the next one and this time Phil is getting back for the babysitter!

 I didn’t have to deliberate much this month for the Runner of the Month and I hope you will see why. I have decided that the Runner of the Month for April should be Davina Swindell. Some of you may not know Davina and the journey she has been on. She will not mind me saying that 4 years ago she was extremely ill and was in intensive care for a long period of time. The fact that she made a full recovery was a surprise to some of her medical team at the time but the achievement of running a half marathon earlier in the month and running it in 1.56 is AMAZING. She was definitely the hare at the Easter bunnies event and she is forging ahead with her running. After seeing her in hospital at the time, I bow down to you – well done J. To add to how big her head will now be, she was also awarded XC Performer of the Year at the XC Meal but Davina, I will still nag you over those sprint finishes!


 Bye for now – make the most of the weather, longer evenings and venture off those roads. I am loving getting back on those footpaths at the moment and escaping that tarmac.

Vicky x