Ladies Newsletter – March



Well what a first month to become Captain – Essex 20, Colchester Half, The Grizzly, Coventry Half, Brentwood half…… and I am expected to choose a Runner of the Month!! I do not intend to spend each month repeating what is in Marion’s fab race reports but will concentrate on the highlights so if I do not mention you personally please do not be offended. If you are offended because you felt that you/a friend were proud of an achievement then let me know but preferably before I make a decision on that month. I do not know everyone yet so I may/will miss something.

We started off with the Essex 20 and I was so proud of everyone especially as most of us appeared to be extremely nervous on the start line. It is not a pleasant course and it was a hot day. Eileen had a great run and would definitely have been in my thoughts for Runner of the Month had she not got it a little while ago. We came away with Gold, Silver and 2 Bronzes in the Essex Championship. Barbara will say she was the only one in her age group so of course she would get Gold but I think it deserves some recognition that she is the ONLY one in her age group. A number of you tried and succeeded at the distance for the first time – Ruth, Bee, Miriam, Emma and Lex. Whilst we were at Essex 20, Tonie was at The Grizzly, which is a tortuous off road hilly route in Devon and came 3rd in her age group.

Colchester Half was the following week and was too much for my weary legs! Don’t think I have seen so many ladies run a race in their blue vests for a long time. Again, Marion and Amanda run their longest distance race to date. It was the race that Lindsay decided after completion that she was a ‘Runner’ again after a long break away (the rest of us knew that!!) and Amanda decided it was not the distance for her for a while!! Anna M came away with a PB on another hot day.

Anyway, after much deliberation, I have decided that the Runner of the Month for March should be Miriam Mark. She has worked exceptionally hard for her ultimate goal of running the Brighton Marathon this weekend. She exceeded her expectations in the Essex 20 and then ran again in the Colchester half achieving another good time. There were lots of worthy candidates but there is only one certificate!!! Well done Miriam.


Good luck and stay healthy to all those running Marathons in the next couple of weeks – Janine and Sam in Manchester – Eileen, Miriam, Natalie in Brighton and then London where Anna, Kate, Ruth, Bee and I are running. Lex, Barbara and Willow have another few weeks to go until Halstead. Not forgetting the shorter distances – Lesley, Willow and Laura are giving ‘The Gauntlet’ a go (no mean feat) and no doubt a number of you will run 5 milers at Braintree and Sudbury.


Bye for now.


Vicky x


Next month is a busy month so dates for your diary –

16 April Junior Running Session and Presentation Night at Bentley

18 April Practice ride around the Harwich Bike Course for those doing the Duathlon (9am)

25 April Ladies X Country Meal at the Lemon Tree (all ladies welcome, please let Anita know asap)

21 April Easter Bunnies Doubles (email Des and Theresa if you are attending)

23 April First Mickey Edwards

27 April Harwich Duathlon (4pm)