Final 53-12 cross country!


Hadleigh Hares hosted the last race in the 53-12 cross country league on Sunday 23rd February. Once again the weather spared us any rain, although the strong breeze did not help runners to climb the hills. The Blue Vests had a great outing, with the ladies finishing the race in third place and the men in second. Overall, we finished third for the race, leaving us fourth place in the league, 2 points ahead of Harwich.  The mens team consisted of Simon Dale (16th), Chris Warren (18th), Ben Ficken (24th), Charlie Keitch (26th), Dave Goldsmith (28th), Michael Simmons (36th), Kevin Stevens (41st) and Dan Foster (48th). Lady scorers were Emily Zethraeus (7th), Vicky Presland (10th), Anna Mills (30th) and Anna Lyon (35th).  Other runners were Tom Fowler 57th, John Booty 63rd, Malcolm Jarvis 68th, Patrick Reynolds 80th, Jamie Neill 84th, Shawn Leek 88th, Mark Ross 90th, Graham Semple 93rd, Steve Black 98th, Paul Carlisle 101st, Phil Presland 103rd, Clive Jones 117th, Andy Fuller 121st, Martin West 130th, Michael Clark 135th, Frank Gardiner 139th, Mark Crittendon 145, Karen Skene 37th, Davina Swindell 43rd, Lorna Sharp 46th, Marion Simmons 53rd, Natalie Stewart 54th, Lex Carlisle 55th, Lesley Fuller 58th, Rebecca Cook 59th, Sue Sorrell 61st, Claire Reynolds 69th, Sue Thomas 71st and Sandra James 74th.

A record total of 101 junior runners turned out, and GBRC juniors acquitted themselves well, retaining their 7th place for both the race and the season. Katie  Presland (37th) and Harrison Leek (66th)  have competed in all the races of the series. Katie was 3rd girl and Harrison 8th boy overall in their age groups.  Ben Disney came 20th, Millie Presland 60th, despite losing a shoe to the mud, Michael Oates 61st, and Emily Cook 93rd.