53-12 Cross Country Race 4

ipswich xc juniors-001

Today saw the fourth race in the 53-12 cross country series, hosted by Ipswich Jaffa running club. Jaffa changed the race to a new venue this year, with an improved course and pre and post race facilities. Despite the cold and frosty start, the sun shone just enough to thaw the mud. A large field of 90 children took part in the junior race, the most runners since 2007. Strong running from GBRC’s 7 juniors moved  the team up a place to 7th position in the junior league. Katie Presland, (32nd) was 2nd under 13, while sister Millie, (45th) was 2nd under 11.  Despite a fall, Amie Apps still finished with a smile, and first time runner Emily Cook finished strongly in 84th place. Harrison Leek was 49th and Hallie Booty 75th.

In the senior event, the ladies finished in 4th place and the men in 5th, just retaining our 4th place in the league. Scoring runners for the men were Ben Ficken 31st, Simon Dale 44th, Charlie Keitch 45th, Dave Goldsmith 47th, Russ Sharp 48th, Kevin Stevens 52nd, Dan Foster 63rd, and Tom Fowler 65th. Ladies scorers were Vicky Presland 10th, Emily Zethraeus 13th, Anna Mills 31st and Anna Lyon 32nd. Other runners were Scott Crawley 72nd, Graham Semple 129th, Ed Brennan 114th, Mark Ross 97th, Phil Presland 130th, John Booty 96th, Paul Carlisle 111th, Andy Fuller 156th, Mark Crittenden 193rd, Martin Owen 183rd, Shawn Leek 126th, Malcolm Jarvis 90th, Patrick Reynolds 87th, Martin West 191st, Jamie Neill 131st, Del Godden 180th, Clive Jones 169th, Frank Gardiner 173rd, Matt Knowles 98th, Michael Simmons 70th, Brian Telford 156th, Lex Carlisle 74th, Karen Skene 35th, Willow Carlisle 76th, Davina Swindell 55th, Lesley Fuller 81st, Sue Thomas 96th, Lynsey Apps 105th, Jess Hall 62nd, Lorna Sharp 53rd, Janine Simpson 44th, Sam Godden 49th, Claire Reynolds 91st, Sandra James 107th, Eileen Shadford 36th, Sue Sorrell 87th, Geraldine Springett 97th, Rebecca Cook 59th and Marion Simmons 73rd.

Ben Ficken and Malcolm Jarvis ran the Colchester Castle Parkrun on Saturday 11th January. Ficken finished in 4th place, in 19m 03s, and Jarvis 31st in 21m 42s.