53-12 Cross Country Halstead

The third leg of the 53-12 cross country series took place on yet another dry, bright day on Sunday 8th December. This time the race was hosted by Halstead Road Runners, and was held in the picturesque grounds of Gosfield School. Lacking its usual water feature, the course was still very boggy and muddy underfoot, with several challenging climbs and descents through the woods. GBRC scorers were Emily Zethraeus (8th), Vicky Presland (10th), Anna Lyon (30th) and Karen Skene (31st) for the women, and Chris Warren (19th), Simon Dale (27th), Dave Wright (29th), Ben Ficken (34th), Michael Simmons (46th), Dave Goldsmith (48th), Russ Sharp (51st) and Charlie Keitch (52nd).

Chris Warren at Halstead

Chris Warren

The women finished the race in 4th place, men in 3rd place. Overall the Blue Vests are now lying in 4th place in the league. Other runners were Kevin Stevens (60th), Matthew Knowles (73rd), Tom Fowler (76th), Malcolm Jarvis (94th), Mark Ross (100th), Jamie Neill (101st), John Booty (107th), Rodger Alexander (112th), Paul Carlisle (114th), Clive Jones (124th), Shawn Leek (136th), Kevin James (138th), Patrick Reynolds (147th), Andy Fuller (162nd), Frank Gardiner (168th), Sam King (175th), Mark Crittenden (193rd), Tricia Stacey (33rd), Jo McKay (49th), Davina Swindell (52nd), Kate Ellis (54th), Marion Simmons (57th), Lorna Sharp (58th), Lex Carlisle (67th), Lesley Fuller (70th), Claire Reynolds (76th), Sue Sorrell (79th), Geraldine Springett (85th), Barbara Law (86th), and Sandra James (95th).

Harrison Leek and Millie Presland at Halstead

Harrison Leek and Millie Presland

The juniors ran their hearts out as usual; sisters Katie (28th) and Milly Presland (43rd) coming 2nd and 3rd respectively in their age groups. 7 year old Harrison Leek was 55th overall, an impressive feat considering his youth and Amie Apps was 78th.

Harrison Leek at Halstead

Harrison Leek