Ladies Newsletter June 2022

It’s been a really busy month, with lots of lovely hours of daylight and sunshine. You’ve certainly made the most of them, with many of our ladies enjoying the first of Rodger’s trail runs and also taking part in local evening running series, such as the Harwich 5k series, the Friday 5 series and our very own Mickey Edwards 5k series.

As always, take a look at our weekly race reports for all of your many achievements this month:

Thank you also to everyone who came to ladies’ mini golf/meal social, and for Mags and Meera for organising this. We all enjoyed chatting in a more social setting when we’re not out of breath for once, and congratulations to Barbara Law who was our Ladies XC Runner of the Year (and was so excited she smashed a glass in celebration!)

News and notices


Our summer training schedule covers the period up to 16 July, and will be updated after that. Please continue to sign up to the many and varied training sessions on offer using the weekly doodle poll that Caroline (Head Coach) sends out.


Bentley ‘Friday 5’ – Friday 1 July

Just a quick thank you to all those who answered Scott’s plea for volunteers for this event, which is an important income generator for the club and allows us to enjoy the many benefits we get from our membership. We could not put the event on without you all, and we have even been able to draw some names from those who volunteered to be able to run the senior race after marshalling the junior race. Good luck to all those running – enjoy all the blue support out there!

Mickey Edwards –Wednesday 6 July

The final race in the club’s Mickey Edwards 5k series takes place on Wednesday 6 July (registration from 6.45pm), with more points up for grabs in you can improve on your previous best time! If you’re new to the club or haven’t been able to make the other races, you can still join us for the last one – it doesn’t matter if you haven’t run the whole series. If you can’t run, please consider sending your name to Fraser to volunteer to marshal.

The current results can be found here, though they will be updated with the results from Race 3 once our Friday 5 is out the way. Some of our ladies are doing extremely well, and I’m crossing my fingers that one of you might take the overall win!

Geoff Day Memorial 5k – Wednesday 27 July

This annual event takes place in memory of the late long-standing club member Geoff Day. Arrive at the village hall at 6.45pm to register, with the race starting at 7.15pm. You find out more about Geoff and the race here. It would be great to see lots of you there!

Ekiden Relay – Sunday 7 August

Around 40 of you have signed up for Ekiden so far. If you’re still interested, please see emails for information about how to sign up, and do so by Monday 4 July at the very latest. Once that deadline has passed, we’ll start to put together some balanced teams for some healthy intra-club competition!

Essex Way Relay – Sunday 4 September

Thank you to all those who have signed up to take part in this exciting event. We’ll be finalising teams in the next few weeks so that we can give you advanced notice of what leg of the relay you’ll be running, giving you time over the summer to go and do a recce of your leg in advance of the event.


A very warm welcome to our newest ladies who have joined this month – Nicky Steadman and Mel Willsmore. I’m biased, but I think you have made a great choice (as long as you like cake), and we all look forward to getting to know you better.

Our Ladies Squad

Getting to know you

Some of the newer members may not have met this lovely lady in person yet. Despite being halfway through a double hip replacement, she has continued to do a great deal for the club in her role on the committee as our Treasurer and is a good friend to so many. In anticipation of her return to the running scene in the Autumn (she’s already got her cross country season planned!), we thought it might be nice to get to know Eileen Shadford a little better …

Age category: 55-60

Occupation: Work in credit control for an insurance company

How long have you been in GBRC for? I joined the club in 2013

The silliest thing you did on a race: I can’t think of anything off hand but I did get the giggles once after I caught up with a chap and he started a conversation by asking me if I was a ‘trotter’??! I had no idea what he meant and I didn’t hang around to find out. It was only later on in the race that I saw Thrift Green Trotters vests and realised what he meant😊😊

I also once forgot my breakfast before running the Colchester 15 mile and kept worrying I wouldn’t make it to the end!!

Favourite distance: 10 miles

Best achievement: I have run 8 marathons altogether and I consider each one to be an achievement in its own right. Completing London in 2019 with a time of 3.24 was my ultimate achievement and I think I will leave it at that for marathon running!

What’s your ultimate running goal: I have had my right hip replaced last February and will be having the left one done in August. To be able to run and race again is my ultimate goal at the moment. I am hoping to join you all at cross country this winter.

Favourite medal/t-shirt and what for: Stebbing remembrance day 10 mile race has a wonderful ‘poppy’ medal. I can’t say that I have a T shirt that I am really struck on!

Interests other than running: Horse riding. I have 2 horses – one is now retired and the other has been in rehab himself after having ‘knee ligament surgery’ Hopefully we may get to do some competitions next year when we are both fit and up to the job!

Favourite & Worst events and why: My favourite events have been all the team events I have been in with GBRC and I have loved the comradery and support that we give each other. Examples of these are the cross country races, 5km road relays, Eikenden and the 24hour relay events that we have taken part in. Worst events for me are any evening races – I am just not tuned in to them!

Most challenging event and why: Not running related but I did the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge with the club which we completed within the challenge time of 12 hours. It was very different scrambling up to the tops of the peaks and down again. Besides this  – running the marathons have been the most challenging as you have to be very disciplined with the training.

Most useful running information you can share: Go out and enjoy every run and don’t put pressure on yourself to achieve your goals. They will definitely come at sometime 😊


I am spoilt for choice this month with so many ladies in our club who have inspired me with their hard work and achievements this month. Some of the ones who have caught my eye are:

  • Vicky Presland – completed her first triathlon at Sudbury and finished as second lady. I can’t wait to see her in action in her first half ironman on 3 July!

  • Bev Shortley – achieved a fantastic 5 mile PB and 5 star time at the Framlingham Friday 5, as well as some impressive 5k times at the Mickey Edwards races

  • Belinda Palmer-Barnes – finished first in the third race of the Harwich 5k series, improving her time from 33:24 to 28:34

  • Larina Marsh – completed the Brighton trail marathon in very hot conditions, with over 3,400 feet of elevation

  • Leoni Harvey – not satisfied with her running achievements, she has been competing relentlessly across multi-discipline events (having done a swim/run, triathlon and duathlon this month alone). I feel tired just looking at her Strava feed!

  • Fiona Gosling – completed the Long Distance Walkers Association’s Trans-Penine 100 miler, an event so tough that over 120 others had to withdraw. So impressive!

Runner of the Month

The lady we have chosen as runner of the month has already knocked almost 2 minutes off her 5k time in the Mickey Edwards series, and is top of the leaderboard after 2 races with 180 points. She’s also been running strongly in the Friday 5 series and completed a sprint triathlon this month too! On top of all of that, she’s dedicated to her training, great fun to have around and a supportive teammate to all …

Your Runner of the Month for June is Donna Harris!