Training 28th November to 4th December

This week’s sessions have been sent by Caroline, so please check your inbox to see what is on the offer. Notes from Caroline:

As I have some unexpected time on my hands this week, I have put together a winter training schedule which runs through to the end of March. We are excited that we have the Northern Gateway track every week during the winter months. We are also pleased that after Christmas, Craig is doing fortnightly bootcamp sessions on a Wednesday night. There is one more before Christmas, on the 8th of December.

Each session is aimed to be accessible to all. We do this by offering timed efforts rather than repetitions. This allows you to get the most of out of the session for yourself. Whether you are new to running or have been running for years, training sessions are going to offer you something. Plus we are a really friendly bunch! We now have over 220 members, so it would be good to see you at training. If you have any questions or concerns do speak with your coach or leader for that session and they will do their best to adapt something or guide you. Please do not train injured, it is best to rest and come back ready rather than prolong a niggle or cause more damage.

Variety is key to successful training so if your weekly training is missing some speed, look out for one of our speed/intervals sessions. Hill training is excellent it’s a proven way to build speed, strength and endurance. Our Sunday morning runs can be linked with a longer run if you are training for an endurance event.

The plan gives you an idea of what, where and when – look out for more information on the doodle poll emails each week. The schedule can be seen on the website, and if any changes need to be made, we will let you know via the Doodle Poll or Facebook.

This week:

Sunday is XC – the new Gosfield course looks good, enjoy!

Monday: Colchester – Kenyan Hills, effort up and down, speak to Craig about how much of the hill you wish to use. It will be 2 sets of 15 minutes.
Clacton – Kenyan Hills with Paul C, meet at top of Burrs Rd.

Wednesday: Paired intervals running. When you are not running, you are recovering and your partner is running!

Thursday: Endurance session with me on the 500m track. Please arrive as promptly as possible to allow us to jog over to far part of track. The session will be a pyramid session.

Please remember when out running in the dark to be visible to others – retroreflective material is best and a light. Bright clothing can not be seen in the dark.

Have a good week of running,

High Vis/Reflective clothing and lights are needed now it is dark.

Sessions will still be on doodle poll for a while. If a session has no takers, the leader can cancel the day before the session is due to take place. Please try to support these sessions as much as possible. If you can not find a link to current doodle poll please contact Mags at

For training outline for Winter please click here (PDF)

Please note: No ipods or music devices to be worn during any training sessions

Sunday 29th November

  • XC race at Gosfield

Monday 30th November

Monday 30th November

Wednesday 1st December

Thursday 2nd December