A look back

Last month I said February (being the shortest month) had the least opportunity for running, but boy was I wrong. This month we had all of 15 days before being asked politely to social distance… and another week before being told firmly to STAY AT HOME! So well done us for the racing we did get in before that happened:

Hare and Tortoise; Grizzly; the Essex 20; the Essex road relays; Beowulf 10k; parkrun; and the last XC at Hadleigh all had blue-vested ladies in attendance. Well done all who raced!

And of course since the “lock down” the strava group is seeing loads of action. I am pleased to see that we are all still getting out there on our once-a-day allowed exercise and keeping ourselves as fit and healthy as we can.

A look ahead

Well… what can I say. Not much racing to look forward to!

Next month does bring something exciting for you ladies though – April will see me step aside and Debs step aside as Captain and Vice-Captain and the ladies’ squad will be led by a new Captain and Vice-Captain. I think it might be a one-horse race for each but just in case I am wrong, I shan’t name them yet!

I am positive that your new captain/vice will be encouraging and inspirational in their leadership of the squad. And I look forward to when we can get back together and train as a team.

The new club year also starts in April and along with it we have the new club standards. We are not racing so won’t be able to grab these new standards straight away, but it is worthwhile checking out the website and seeing what you might be working towards once the new standards are uploaded on there.

Note as well there is a change to age categories this year. Aligned to Essex County age categories, the senior section will now run to age 39 and the first ladies vet category will start at 40. This applies to our standards from the new club year; and when the club champs renew in November this will also apply to these.

Finally we look far ahead and I hope we will be back running together before the summer has ended! In the mean time I will be keeping an eye on the strava group and hope to see everyone continuing to get out and about.

Welcome welcome…

As always, welcome to any new members this month! We can’t meet up in person, however keep running and introduce yourselves in the facebook group and on strava.

What an inspiration!

Each month I hoped to highlight some ladies that have personally inspired me for the dedication they put into their training, the fears or obstacles they overcome and their courage to take on new challenges. This month has been difficult and I think I could list every lady who ran as inspirational! Particularly as training in February was disrupted with weather so any races this month were hard to train for.

So with that, and in my last ever inspirational ladies section, I raise my glass to all of you!

Looking back further than the last month; over the past two years I have kept tabs on most of you, knowing when you are training for something really special and watching you smash goals (whether they be time based, distance based or even just to recover from injury).

At some point in that time I can honestly say that each and every one of you has, in some way, inspired me to keep trying, even when I wanted to give up.

Thank you.

Runner of the Month

It’s been a funny month, with only 2 weeks of action to review for runner of the month.

This month I have gone for someone relatively new to the club: they have joined us from a rival and having completed some of this years XC in an orange and black vest, their best-of-season performance at Hadleigh this month proves that being part of the blue brigade has benefits.

Getting stuck in to training (before we shut down) and clearly reaping the rewards, this runner celebrated a 5k PB at Felixstowe parkrun as well this month, bagging her first standard (just before the system changes!).

So without further ado: congratulations Caroline Talbot! Soon we will see you back racing and getting those PBs, in the mean time I look forward to seeing your exploits on strava!