A look back

February is the shortest month, so less time for our runners to get out there, but I think we still all did pretty well, even with the storms!

This month saw runners at parkrun; Hare and Tortoise events; XC; Tarpley 10 and 20 mile races; Ultra marathons in Wales and our very own Half Marathon!

Once again thank you to all who volunteered at the half marathon. It really is important for the club that the race goes well as profit we make from it enables the club to provide member benefits such as free XC and other races, transport to races, trail runs etc etc. Well done to all involved in making this year’s race a success.

A look ahead

So we are coming into spring… what does the next month or so have in store?

First up training; we are into the last month of the current training cycle designed by our coaching team. In April a new cycle will begin; which may see more Wednesday’s back on the roads (weather and light conditions depending) and I am hoping will see me back with you on a Sunday morning. In the mean time in March we have one more bootcamp session with Craig to look forward to as well as the usual hills on Mondays, speed endurance on Friday and a variety going on on Sundays.

Speaking of Sunday – Sunday 22nd March sees Rodger’s series of trail runs return. If you want that flashy “I trailed them all” t-shirt you will need to be there. Please tell Rodger in advance if you are coming so that he can print off enough narrative sheets without having too much waste.
If you have never ran a trail run before, do come and give it a go! Details of time and location will be on our website in the training section, updated by Graham each week.

Also don’t forget that this year our two chairmen Paul and Rodger have set a challenge to you all: it started with the Six Dales and continued with the Winter Tanners and the next instalment is the Dovedale Dipper. These are long distance walking events (that can also be ran) and so there are groups of all abilities taking part. If you want to get involved, look out for emails from Paul and Rodger on these events. Entry into the Dipper is here:

March 8th brings the last in this year’s XC league fixtures – Hadleigh. It’s been an unusual year with two new venues and two events cancelled (and only one rescheduled); however our ladies have been brilliant and after a strong fourth at the first event have consistently finished 3rd in the rest of the events. Every one of you ladies has an amazing run in you waiting to come out – relax and enjoy the last fixture of this year’s series and maybe that amazing run will show itself. Lets finish the season on a high and try to get as many of us out there as we can!

Debs is also organising the ladies end-of-XC-season meal. Please let her know if you can come: it’s on 20th March at the Bengal Diner in Ardleigh. We will also on that night be voting for our XC runner of the year… you can email Deb’s your vote now or at any point before the night; or can vote in person at dinner if you prefer. To help you decide who your XC runner of the year is I will send the spreadsheet of who has run what around after Hadleigh.

Looking further ahead into April, GBRC is ‘taking over’ Highwoods parkrun on 11 April. If you are able to volunteer to help please let Paul H, Debs, Mags or Tom know!

On an admin note, the club AGM is on 1st April @8pm at the Great Bentley Village Hall. If you wish to be nominated for a club official role, please email Mags by the 15th of March.
And finally, to anyone racing this month: BEST OF LUCK!!

Welcome welcome…

As always, welcome to new members who joined over the past month. Unfortunately I am not able to make in-the-week training at the moment, however I am around on most Sundays so do say hello if you are coming to Sunday training.

What an inspiration!

Each month I hope to highlight some ladies that have personally inspired me for the dedication they put into their training, the fears or obstacles they overcome and their courage to take on new challenges.

This month has been so quiet with races cancelled due to the weather we haven’t seen grand amounts of action. What I have seen though is dedication to training which is really positive. In particular I tip my hat to those ladies who progressed their spring marathon training at the Tarpley 10 and 20 mile race; and also at the Hare and Tortoise events. Keep on keeping on ladies; the reward will come on marathon day!

Runner of the Month

This runner is training for a half marathon in March and has (more than once!) been observed running past my house to CCPR, completing a parkrun sandwich to ensure she gets the miles in her legs… And this is something to note as she lives much closer to a different parkrun!

Respect for the distance is clear from her sensible training; and a love of running is evident from the smile on her face as she does it.

She has to date competed in all XC this year and has improved at each one. She also came so so close to a PB at Colchester Castle parkrun this month, so I hope that knowing we are all behind her will push her along next time she runs it!

So, in recognition of her dedication to training and determination to succeed, this month we celebrate Holly Colsell. Congratulations Holly! We will be sending you our best wishes for everyone of those 13 miles!