A look back

We have been really busy in July! Well done to all who have been out and about running, even on the really hot days.

We started off the month with the Friday 5, our annual contribution to this race series. Thank you once again to everyone who helped put this race on. Whether or not we can hold the race makes such a difference to the club, allowing us to keep membership fees down and provide loads of benefits to our members, so it is great that it is a success and that we continue to be asked to hold it by the series organisers. Well done all!

We then swiftly moved on to our Geoff Day Memorial run, a great club event. Well done to everyone who ran and congratulations Justine for taking the silverware home! Thanks also to everyone who brought snacks for the afterparty, it really adds to the fun of the night!

The same night as the Geoff Day, was the Essex Track Champs 10,000m. Eileen and I were the sole GBRC representatives, and we must congratulate Eileen for yet another Essex medal as fastest vet! It’s rare we get the opportunity to run on a track, and even less so as a “real athletics race” so I would love to see more ladies join us next year and give it a go.

Then a few days later it was Ekiden. Thank you to all who helped organise that! Well done to Not Fast Just Furious on your victory both in the team name competition (judged at the 11th hour by my mate Anne-Marie) and in the race! I will also take my hat off to Lex and Mel, both having had hip surgery earlier this year they joined in and run with such joy it was a pleasure to see.

Also in the month we have seen:

·        Helene back testing her endurance in Snowdonia;

·        ladies running with big smiles on the club trip to the North Downs way;

·        Emma W finding her stride at the Horndon 10k;

·        Of course we celebrated our team who ran the Friday Five series, with special mentions to Mags (age category prize) and Emily Z (second overall) for bringing home some silverware;

·        Chusa was out in the city at the JP Morgan Corporate challenge as she continues tuning her engine up for ride 100 (good luck Chusa!);

·        we had runners at the Harwich 5k series where Barbara led the way;

·        the team enjoyed the inaugural Bergholt 5 miler and again silverware was taken home;

·        Bee clocked over 34 miles at a traditional favourite, Spitfire Scramble;

·        Gemma Colling finally completed 10 in 10 at the Great Barrow Challenge;

·        Amy took on a new challenge, the Olympic distance triathlon;

·        a fair few stumbled along the river Colne from Wivenhow to Rowhedge and back as part of the summer stumble;

·        another 5 miler was the Brantham 5 with special mention to Amelia and Imogen who did the junior race;

·        Vice-Cappy Debs was very impressed with her medal at the Felstead 10k;

·        and a force of blue was seen at the Ipswich Twilight 19k;

·        the ice-cream Sunday run in Brightlingsea attracted Emma L-W; and

·        parkruns around the country welcomed our ladies in full force (special mention to Vicky P as progress along the road to recovery has been looking great recently)

and I am sure there was lots more I have not remembered… absolutely AMAZING ladies!


A look ahead

So, what is coming up in August? Well… I will first mention Rodger’s Trail on Sunday 18th. This has now been set as a 13-miler so get your endurance legs on and let Rodger know if you can make it.

Also off road is the Hadleigh 10k (part of the Essex Summer XC series, a personal favourite). I know some are already signed up so you wouldn’t be alone if you do decide to go. Entry can be found here ( but also there is usually entry on the day so just turn up.

An annual hit and miss event, the Clacton half marathon is on 18th August. It clashes with our trail, and has had some pretty appalling reviews over the past few years, but it is there if you want it!

At the end of the month is the Mersea Island 5 and 10 mile races. These I would recommend, having my first attempt at the 10-miler last year. Again entry on the day is usually available or you can be organised and enter here

Other than the above there is the usual parkruns, 5k series at the Olympic park (if you fancy getting the train into Stratford) and of course you can just get out and run for fun! I will sneak in a mention here that now is also the time to be looking forward and starting to strengthen for the winter XC series… so as much off road running as you can please ladies!

Caroline has organised the training schedule for the coming weeks, and you can access that from the training page of the website.

And finally, so anyone racing this month, BEST OF LUCK!!

Welcome welcome…

We are really growing as a club! This month I have these new names on my list (thanks Nick for keeping me up to date!): Justine S; Vicky B; and Rhiannon W. Welcome ladies. I know you are already making amazing progress with your running since joining our training sessions and I am looking forward to 1. Running with you in the future (if I can keep up!!) and 2. Seeing your progress.

As always if you want to say hello when I am at club (not as regularly as I would like, sorry!) do just wander over and have a chat. And if you haven’t seen me in a while and want to get in touch drop me a mail or message on Facebook.

What an inspiration!

Each month I hope to highlight some ladies that have personally inspired me for the dedication they put into their training, the fears or obstacles they overcome and their courage to take on new challenges:

I have mentioned most above, and this month has been an amazing show of talent from our ladies, so I will highlight three here with the caveat that I could have gone on all day!

·        Gemma Colling. Many won’t know or understand the work you have put into achieving 10 in 10. Any marathon requires an investment of time, it is a distance to be respected, but to build your body up to be strong enough to keep going day after day is a phenomenal achievement. I know how long you have worked for this and from all of us in the club, WELL DONE!

·        Emily Zethraeus. You just keep getting faster lady!! To see you running is truly inspiring and you so thoroughly deserve the awards and accolades you have taken at this years Friday Five series. Well done!

·        Justine Sheekey. What a start to your running career with GBRC! A Geoff Day victory, a fastest time at one the Mickey Edwards and continuing PBs at parkrun. A massive well done to you and I will be watching with a keen eye to see what more you have in store!

Runner of the Month

Last weekend Vice-Cappy Debs and I ran from my house to Great Bentley and we spent a decent amount of the journey debating this… you are all running so well! We thank you though as this is a great problem to have: a club so talented!

Looking at my notes I can see there is a lady this month who has absolutely excelled. She has taken silverware home on more than one occasion, but it is not just about that… she has also given her best in training and demonstrated her ability to pace races and structure a training week to get the best out of herself (remember ladies, not every run has to be a fast run!).

And so I encourage us all to raise a glass to Bev Shortley this month. Following your win at Mickey Edwards you backed this up with an age category win at the Bergholt 5 miler. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!