Fab Friday Five

Well, I will start this week’s report with the final Friday 5 round up from Colin Farmer:

Great Bentley Friday 5

Cumulative points to the Stowmarket race came out in the week and Emily is still first female overall and also in her age category. Emily did not run at Bentley having originally entered the whole series by mistake, she handed her place back and opted to marshal and encourage the many Bentley runners. On the other hand Mags and Colin have dropped one place. Mags now second in her age category, whereas Colin is out of the medal places in fourth. (At time of writing report, final results are not out).

The two junior races were well supported by Bentley runners. In the 1k race the first boy home was Charlie Sharp (4:26) and then Angel Jasper (4:47) first girl for Bentley followed by Connor Sharp (4:53), Evie Foster (4:54), Ella Simpson (5:08) and finally Cienna Telford (5:44). In the 2k race, Colchester Harriers duo (but Bentley Blue family) Millie Presland (7:20 FU15) brought the runners home followed by Harrison Leek (8:11 MU13) and James Blacker (9:26 MU11). The race was well organised by Vicky giving the marshals a pre race chat about previous problems and a crocodile! Brian Telford organised some ogi ogi ogi  at the start of the junior race which could be heard by all the marshals and Caroline Talbot (Jaffa) helped at the junior races before finding the main race very challenging.

friday 5

For the main race, conditions were a very hot (24 c) and I would like to say that a few Bentley runners were really disheartened at the times they achieved. It showed in their faces. Some may have found it was one race too many. To do six consecutive races is tough and the last one in the heat was sapping. As the race is relatively flat it is continual effort with no respite unlike a hilly race. As you go up you must come down. WELL DONE for doing them all. Some of the faster runners in other clubs only do four and collect medals and trophies.

The race director, Scott Young perched himself up a step ladder with a loud speaker and I can say it was the only time I heard everything at any of the races. A slight hiccup at the start with two vehicles reversing off the road but the start went off smoothly. Before the off I thought ‘Why am I doing this! It is too hot being a sardine miles from the start line and it is gun to chip time. Mental note, do not do this next year.’ It took Colin Farmer (35:27) nearly two miles to catch Magdalena Komorowska (37:34). This time Mags was first female Bentley runner home. But before that, Duncan Scott cruised past Colin. Having caught Mags, Colin could see Rob Dyer (39:34) to chase down next followed by Mark Stevenson (37:00). Around the three to four mile mark he could then see Duncan finding it difficult. Eventually overtaking Duncan Scott (36:04). Colin thought he would be first Bentley home but having checked the results later found Jon Mann (32:08) was first, in a very good time. What made things worse was Duncan’s comments regarding his training for the Friday 5. The races were his training. Drat. At some point Paul Hollidge (37:26) over took Mags even running with an injury to his spine from a fall. Paul was the fifth male home for the team.

Brian Telford (41:56) was next, followed by Frank Gardiner (42:41). Franks’ fastest time of the six races by 10 seconds, his second fastest time was at Sudbury with the mile long hill. Gary Hill (43:35), Leoni Harvey (47:13), Alison Clarke (47:55) followed by Sue Wright (49:35) and Teresa Farmer (50:47) to make up the women’s team. So even if you are slow you could still bring the points in. Think Bentley we will stay seventh when the points are released in the week.  Thanks Colin for a fine, firsthand report.

Chusa Batis ran the JP Morgan Corporate Business Challenge in Battersea Park on Wednesday. A distance of 3.5 miles and around 15,000 participants made for a squashed route at times. This challenge is in it’s 33rd year and over two nights over 30,000 runners and walkers took part from 761 companies.  This is a global challenge, the distance being the same across the world and carried out in thirteen cities. Chusa was aiming to beat her previous time and she did this with a time of 27:14.

Roundup of parkrun:

Colchester Castle parkrun was not on this week but plenty of you found other parkruns to attend:

Clacton Seafront – Rob Blackman 21:01; Patrick Reynolds 22:55; Andy Stephens 24:14; Fiona Gosling 27:22; Rob Dyer 30:00; Claire Reynolds 32:24; Sandra James 41:11 and Dave Nugent 50:47.

Highwoods – Craig Mitchell 19:14; Chris Warren 20:18; Paul Connell 21:50; Tomasz Komorowski 24:33; Russell Clarke 28:23; James McCullagh 28:25.

Harwich – Emily Zethraeus 20:32; Richard Moor 22:04; Justine Sheekey 23:08; Toni Wilson 25:19.

Mersea Island – Anna Lyon 25:14.

Great Notley – Rob Ferguson 20:45.

There were a few tourism parkruns on Saturday. Peter Benton was in Oxfordshire and ran Harcourt Hill parkrun in 20:56. The Preslands were in Ware, Hertfordshire and Vicky ran Westmill parkrun in 22:46 and Phil in 24:40. Larry Wise was in Corby and ran Corby parkrun in 29:10.

At Colchester junior parkrun, Angel Jasper bagged herself a 2km pb with an excellent time of 8:48. Well done Angel!

For the past two years, Gemma Colling has tried and been beaten by the Great Barrow 10 in 10 challenge but not this year. Ten marathons in ten consecutive days, well done Gemma!


Magdalena Komorowska ran the Bewl 15 in 2:19:56. An undulating course around Bewl water, Magdalena reported that this was a well organised race, competing with North Downs in her affections.

bewl medal

Finally, over to the Alps where Meera Rajoo-Oakley and Deborah Hollidge completed a three day running weekend in the Aosta Valley on the French/Italian border. With elevation gains of over 5,000 feet on the first day alone, I suspect they drew a lot of inspiration from the amazing views and fellow runners.

mro and dh