More Miles, Some Sunshine and a few PB’s As Well !!

June 21st marked the beginning of the Summer Solstice and the Longest day so I guess we can say it’s officially summer !? I know there’s definitely been some hot running conditions recently so it certainly feels like it!

Over the weeks we continue to see GBRC members, old and new, going from strength to strength, achieving pb’s and goals across a variety of distances and disciplines. It’s testament to what a dedicated and enthusiastic bunch we are !…..or maybe it’s the only way we can get away with the cake !?

Some thanks should go to the individuals that regardless of weather, week in, week out put together a variety of training sessions for us as I’m sure this helps too!

Tuesday 18th saw perfect conditions for round 3 of the Harwich 5k series seeing Rob Ferguson get a PB of 19.05 , Gary Hill – 25.39, Dave Jones – 25.06 and Teresa Jones also getting a PB of 28.23.

Caroline Searle achieved a season best at the Maldon 5k series with 25.56, made even sweeter as she hasn’t been sub 26.00 in 15 mths !

GBRC were out in force for the Friday 5 at Bury St Edmonds….. or Stowmarket depending on who you ask !? 😀

I was kindly forwarded a few words from Colin Farmer about the event –

Bury Friday 5

I would like to say a big well done to Sienna Telford for coming 24th. She is the only Bentley runner who has entered the Friday 5 junior races to date. Hopefully there will be more at Bentley.

Individual and team points came out during the week and it looks like Bentley could have the best year so far. We are 6thin the team positions after three races. This can all change in the next few races. Think 8th has been our best so far. MagsNIFICENT is first in her age category. Emily ZethraeuSTAR is second in her age category. Colin Farmer just out of the medals is fourth in his age category.

Now onto the race at Nowton Park, Bury St Edmunds. This is similar to Sudbury but has more hills. It is a very scenic course on grass for about 2km and uphill with a single track at the end of the 2km. Another two hills on road to run up before levelling out at the farm yard just past the half way point. Then basically downhill making it a negative split race. A great race to do with t-shirt.

There were a few Bentley runners tired, disheartened and with injuries so not a good start to the race, not even the whiff of food could change this. Mags thought she had more points than listed. How annoying for a runner to age move to an older age category in the third race but still count in Mags’ age bracket. (Age as at the 31st May counts for individual points.)

Caroline Talbot 45:52 (Jaffa) had a slight injury and wanted to start slowly so ran with Teresa Farmer (49:39) nearly to the halfway stage. In doing so helped Teresa to a course pb, knocking off an impressive 1 minute 34 seconds. Caroline then went on to chase down Frank Gardner (45:37) and nearly did but frank over heated and had to be cooled down with a bottle of water over his head. Caroline is contemplating a second claim club, Bentley with its love of cake.

Emily (33:35) was first home for Bentley, the fastest time so far. Followed by Duncan Scott (34:43) who found it nearly as challenging as Sudbury. Next Colin Farmer (35:51) who needs a couple more months to get back to his form of last year. Rob Dyer (37:12) found it more challenging than Sudbury. Mags (38:01) found it harder than Sudbury but came in 2nd in her age category. Also Sue Wright (50:59) found it very hard. Brian Telford (39:58) turning up for his first race and made up the mens’ team. The women were again one short.

The burger van beckoned after the race. If you stayed long enough we had free chips. Where are those cakes! At the last race at Great Bentley. On to next week race at Stowmarket. There should be plenty of new pbs as the course has a little hill at the start and then downhill for four miles then uphill for a mile. Do not know how big the hills are and we might have full teams.

On 22nd June Debs Hollidge ,Vicky Presland and Tricia Stacey took part in the Great Eastern Swim run at Alton Water. Glorious weather, well marshalled and lots of freebies made for a good event.

Although an individual event Debs and Vicky decided to run as a team in practice for their Big challenge in October.

Vicky pipped Debs at the post to come home 26th in a time of 1:53:29 making her 2nd in her age category ,Debs came 27th in 1:53:30 making her 1st in her age Category!
Impressive result considering there was a field of 66!. They were also 4th and 5th females overall!!

Tricia Stacey came home in time to enjoy some ice cream and the sunshine !… Impressive all round!

And for the thing everyone hotly anticipates each week!!…… Park Run Results!! 😀

Highwoods Park Run # 17

Paul Connell – 21.39, Tomasz – 26.06 and with 2nd in her category Mags with 26.59.

Colchester Castle Park Run # 326

Malcolm Jarvis – 21.33, Robert Ferguson – 24.55, Russell Clarke – 25.16, Stephanie Mills – 26.55,

James Mccullagh – 27.33, Leoni Harvey – 29.22, Team Lyon were out in force as well with

Anna Lyon getting 2nd in her age category with 25.20, Ben Lyon completed his 1st Park run in 30.37 closely followed by Harvey Lyon, great running guys!

Team Colsell were also out in force, Anthea Colsell -27.04, Tommy Colsell – 20.30, Holly Colsell 35.05,

Clacton Seafront # 136

Patrick Reynolds – 27.07, Alison Clarke – 31.04, Dave Nugent – 49.14, special mention to Emma Wakeling as not only was she running with tight calves after her amazing efforts last week at the Suffolk Trailfest but with a time of 27.38 she was 1st in her age category! She is also closing in on a monthly mileage of 100 miles!! I’ve no doubt she’ll smash this!

Harwich Park Run #212

Justine Sheekey achieved a PB with 23.19! Dave Jones – 25.32 and Teresa Jones -29.35

We’ve also had some Bentley Blues on tour!!

Andy Stephens attended Guildford Park run # 358 and finished in 22.44.

Larry Wise attended Corby Park Run #296 and finished in 29.31.

Kieron Hayes attended Clonmel Park Run # 109 (answers on a postcard as to where this is!?) and finished in a time of 29.52.

Colchester Junior Park Run # 154

Angel Jasper was running for GBRC and finished with a time of 08.57… Not only this but it was a new PB, she was 9th overall from 187 runners and 2nd in her category, with only 3seconds between her and 1st place!! Not only was this a PB by 7 seconds, it was also a special milestone, being the first time Angel has gone Sub 9 Minutes for the 2k distance. In Angel’s age group category of Under 11 Girls, out of over 800 girls that have completed the Junior Parkrun at Colchester, she is now ranked on the all-time fastest times list at 14th position. Running at a faster pace than ever before, and achieving this magical time was a truly memorable moment for Angel, and very proud watching Dad Mark. Fantastic determination shown ! Great running Angel 🙂

Anna Young competed in Stow Maries 6hr trail-Top Day Event. In her own words ( as I cut and pasted from facebook!) It Was a pretty, but tough course & most of us managed to go wrong on the first lap, as one of the signs had turned! I Was the only lady to complete 8 x 3.4 mile laps (the first one was nearly 5 miles!) so did approx 28.6 miles in total. Was very happy to find I’m 4th on the results table-had to work hard for that! Would definitely recommend the event-very friendly/supportive & they let us go a little over the time limit so we could get our required distance in! :)… Great running Anna.

GBRC Trail Runs

Sunday 23/6 also saw Round 3 of the GBRC Trail run devised by Rodger and assisted by Sue, nice weather, approx 10 miles and a good turn out and it looks like everyone had a great time….. And some cake!! Great photos as always from Eric Shaw but two particularly summed up the range of emotions people were going through…….

From this….

To this…..

Having not personally been able to attend I can only assume all the cake was gone before Meera made it back!?

Just before I completed this report Graham Semple posted the results from the weekend.

Result of Race 3 at Capel St Mary – 10 miles


Result of Race 3

Position Name Time Points

1 Patrick Reynolds 1:38:20 100

Equal 2 Paul Connell 1:44:10 99

Equal 2 Tomasz Komorowski 1:44:10 99

4 James Royce 1:46:12 97

5 Michael Simmons 1:47:08 96

6 Paul Davison 1:49:05 95

7 Phil Presland 1:53:05 94

8 Nigel Smith 2:16:18 93

9 Derek Greenham 2:18:20 92

10 Dave Jones 2:54:05 91

11 Neil Robins 2:54:40 90

12 Mark Crittenden 2:55:05 89


Position Name Time Points

1 Meera Rajoo-Oakley 1:47:08 100

2 Sarah Davison 1:49:07 99

3 Vicky Presland 1:53:05 98

4 Anna Lyon 2:08:52 97

Equal 5 Eileen Shadford 2:11:37 96

Equal 5 Toni Wilson 2:11:37 96

Equal 7 Emma Wakeling 2:16:36 94

Equal 7 Magdalena Komorowska 2:16:36 94

Equal 9 Marion Simmons 2:18:20 92

Equal 9 Veronica Alexander 2:18:20 92

11 Janine Simpson 2:37:30 90

Equal 12 Teresa Jones 2:54:05 89

Equal 12 Nicola Laverack 2:54:05 89

Equal 14 Sue Wright 3:01:40 87

Equal 14 Barbara Law 3:01:40 87

If you have space in your diary and are looking for a running fix I find Race Check is a handy little app on my phone,Colchester Half Marathon 2020 entry has now opened as well as the ballot for London Landmarks Half Marathon 2020 for those super prepared people!

A few local events soon include the Colchester colour 5k on 29/6 and Nayland 10k on 30/6.

Hare & Tortoise Rayne’ing Medals event is on 7/7 (always a good medal from these guys!)

And on 14/7 there is a choice of Eikden which is I’m told a great fun event or Porridge & Pens 10k in Brightlingsea.

Whatever you do enjoy, stay safe, stay hydrated and use sun cream!

Kevin Pyle