Great Bentley out in force!

It has taken me a long time to collate all your excellent runs this week, I think at least half of you must have donned your Bentley Blue vests!

Let’s start with our weekly round up of the ever popular social run that is parkrun:

Colchester Castle (Orange route):

Danny Draper 21:51; Malcolm Jarvis 23:37; Robert Ferguson 25:01; Anna Lyon 26:31; Meera Rajoo-Oakley 26:43; Scott Young 27:36; Fiona Gosling 29:07; Frank Gardiner 29:52;  Claudia Keitch 30:01; Lyn Hemeury 31:33 andLouise Upston in 42:18

Clacton Seafront:

Ray Baggs 20:52; Patrick Reynolds 22:01 Kevin James 23:50; Brian Telford 24:02; Sandra James 39:55 and David Nugent in 49:39.

At Harwich parkrun, Stephen Walsh ran 23:05 and Tonie Wilson ran 24:03. Over on Mersea Island Lee Clarkson ran 20:32 and Chusa ran 26:05. Rob Dyer ran Ipswich parkrun in 26:44 whilst Rob Blackman ran Bury St. Edmunds in 20:05.

Finally in Highwoods, now in it’s 11th week, Tomasz Komorowski ran 24:37; Paul Connell 24:41; James McCullagh 25:48; Anna Mills 25:52 and Kathy Bishop 25:58.

On Tuesday night it was the first in the Harwich 5km series. We had a good turnout and there were many good times:

Teresa Jones 30:52; David Jones 24:48; Gary Hill 25:58, Belinda Palmer-Barnes 30:21; Gemma Camp 22:35; Stuart Baggs; 32:34; Scott Young 22:35; Richard Moor 21:56; Kevin James 23:14; Sandra James 37:32; Ray Baggs 21:06 Tricia Stacey 24:23; Colin Farmer 22:33; Peter Reeve 34:14; John Bush 31:23; Barbara Law 35:25 and Teresa Farmer 31:18. Sorry if I missed anyone not listed under the club name.

On Thursday night it was the second race in the Maldon 5km series hosted by Tiptree Runners. Caroline Searle ran 26:38 three weeks ago and this time she ran 26:22.

Now to the weekend’s races:

Saturday saw the Ipswich Twilight 5km races, which sees groups set off dependent on their pace. John Bush ran in 31:35; Belinda Palmer-Barnes 28:33; Anna Young 24:39; and Emma Young 36:51, her first race as a Bentley runner.

Gemma Colling ran her 100th marathon plus distance in 100 weeks when she completed the Ridgeway 40 miler which follows the Ridgeway long distance path from Avebury in Wiltshire to Goring in Berkshire.

Sunday morning saw the sun shine upon the Colchester 10k race.  As there are so many of you, I will apologise again if I have missed anyone.

gb 10k

Charlie Keitch 39:04; Rob Ferguson 40:14; Paul Davison 40:43; Michael Simmons 41:51; Duncan Scott 43:30 (PB); Kevin Pyle 44:23; Tomasz Komorowski 45:07 (PB); Richard Moor 45:38; Sarah Davison 45:58; Derek Greenham 45:58; Magdalena Komorowska 47:16 (PB); Nick Goodman 47:42; Chusa Bautista Fructuoso 48:24 (PB); Charlie Williams 49:45; Hien Hoang 50:00; Dave Jones 50:46; Anna Young 52:18; Bev Shortley 53:32 (third in age category); Emma Wakeling 53:37; Rachel Giles 53:39; Stephanie Mills 53:38; Marion Simmons 55:02; Christina Foreman 56:13; Leoni Harvey 56:40; Veronica Alexander 57:01; Alison Clarke 59:58; Mark Crittenden 1:00:14; Darren Willey 1:00:23; Neil Robins 1:00:56; Sarah Greenham 1:00:56; Claire Poole 1:01:57; Emma Welham 1:02:21; Don Welsh 1:03:06; Teresa Jones 1:03:26; Teresa Farmer 1:03:29. We also had some new Bentley runners, well done to Laura Cook 1:03:54; Zoe Reynolds 1:10:10 and Elizabeth Salmon 1:16:11.

Meanwhile, over in Halstead it was the 25th Halstead and Essex Marathon, and it was also sunny. Paul Connell was talked into racing and in his first marathon he clocked the excellent debut time of 3:22:38. Paul and Deborah Hollidge were pace training for Paul’s double marathon and stuck to a 10:00 pace meaning that they crossed the finish line in 4:30:56. Barbara Law won Essex Gold, finishing in 5:29:41. Well done all, and thank you to those of you who helped at the water station.

To wrap up this mammoth report let’s look at the Junior parkrun. Angel Jasper is doing great with her running at the moment clocking in another 2k pb in 09:04, finishing 3rd girl. This was her 74th parkrun. Well done Angel, good luck for the 75th!

The Jones gang was at Cliff Park junior parkrun (Harwich!).  Isabella Jones 15:21; George Jones 15:34 and Clara Jones 15:51. Well done to you all.