This month’s newsletter is brought to you by Debs… thanks Debs!

Well ladies, what can I say?  What haven’t you been up to this month?  Recapping the weekly newsletters has been exhausting for me!

parkrun, Easter races, Sudbury 5m, trail runs, Paris & Krakow marathon’s, Spanish 10k’s and this small, fairly local run called The London marathon!

Here are our ladies at the Sudbury 5 miler; Bromley 10k; and representing us in Krakow! Lots of smiling faces.

You ladies have produced some amazing times and Eric’s printer has been in over drive printing out those bronze, silver, gold and diamond certificates!  Make sure if you have gained an award that you get yourself to club on a Wednesday night and lap up the much deserved applause and appreciation of your club mates! Some say the ladies standards are easier to achieve than the men’s but in my opinion we just have some strong, talented fierce females!!!!

Speaking of Wednesday nights –  The Mickey Edwards series started tonight with the baseline run.  This race will give you a start time for the next which will be on the 15th May (the rest of the series races are held on 29th May, 12th June and 26th June).  More information on the website or speak to Luke.  You don’t have to run them all and can still join in even if you missed the baseline run. If you don’t wish to run then please volunteer to marshal – the more the merrier.

Now on to race promotion!

The Suffolk trail festival 24hr race is being held on 15th and 16th June 2019.  We need some more team members for the 3-5 team.  Please check out their website for more details and if you are interested please speak to Scott.

Tim is organising a social event on 7th July where the plan is to run from Essex to Suffolk.  Please see the GBRC Facebook page or speak to Tim for more information.

Rodgers trail run – round 2 – 19th May.  An invite has been sent via Facebook so please accept the invite if you can make it so Rodger knows how many to expect (or tell Rodger in person if you don’t have facebook).

Something else that Meera and I are keen to promote is lift sharing when going to races and even club nights.  I know it’s not always possible however we are healthy running types so creating less air pollution by cutting down on the number of cars on the road will go a little way towards us being a bit more environmentally friendly!


Now, this month has been even harder to decide than usual.  We have so many amazing and inspiring ladies that I think I could pick 3-4 runners every month!

Eileen – not only got a PB at London but moved up the top 10 list!

Magdalena – PB, Gold and a GFA at Krakow

Nina – smashed London and showed us that she was a worthy club pick

Chusa – podiumed in her age category in Spain & flew round London – and although I know she was gutted to have only just missed a GFA time she got a gold to compensate……this is an amazing injury come back

Anthea – raised a lot of money for her charity and gained herself a brilliant time & PB at London

Sue W – injury plagued but still managed to “Jeff” round Paris in a very respectable time

Sarah “Golden girl” Davison – PB and Gold at Krakow marathon

Alison Day – first race since the birth of Joshua and she picked London – welcome back Alison and congratulations on your time

And lastly, Meera – dogged by injury in the build-up to the big day she still managed to smash out a PB at London in a fantastic time of 3:35:22.  For someone that is so positive and encouraging to her fellow club mates Meera lacks this when it comes to her own running.  Being Ladies captain is not an easy task and although it is something done out of love for running & from seeing people improve and excel I know it takes its toll, so I’m sure when I say this I say it on behalf of everyone  – THANK YOU MEERA – for all you do and continue to do.  You are awesome and you are my runner of the month for April 2019


So into May we head and I look forward to seeing what you can achieve this month.  Please remember to post on the pinned Facebook page so we know what you have been up to, we love to hear about it all.

Meera and I would also ask that if you have any worries or concerns then please come and speak to us or send us a message / email and we will endeavour to help in any way we can.  We are your captain and vice-captain and represent you and we can only do this well if we know what people like / don’t like. There are loads of ideas we and the rest of the Committee are trying to get off the ground… be they different types of training sessions, trips away, (dare I say it a review of the Standards), or a swop-shop type list for race transfers through our website. Not all of these things will be achievable or manageable but we do consider them all. If you have an idea do bring it to us and we will try to make it (or something like it) happen!

Let’s make May a good one! Happy running!