Mud; check, Rain; check, Cake; check!

A relatively quiet week on the races front. Lots of you are busy training for various long distance races or were just saving yourselves for the penultimate cross country at Hadleigh.

Paul Blackwell took part in the Phoenix: Six hour doughnut Dash; classed as a battle run as even numbered runners ran one way and odd numbered runners the other way. Opportunities for bragging rights if you were on the winning team! Paul does not mention what team he was on, but he does report that he did 8 laps and that it was wet and muddy.  This was marathon 162 for Paul.

Saturday, as per usual, is parkrun day. Colchester Castle parkrun saw Lee Clarkson running with a weighted pack as part of his Paras 10 training. He crossed the line by the bandstand in 24:44. Other runners: Craig Warriner 20:04; Russell Clarke 22:15; Richard Moor 22:23; Andy Stephens 23:07; Paul Hollidge 23:48; Chusa Batis 26:03 and James McCullagh 28:31.

Clacton was busy after a week off: Rag Baggs 20:39; Ben Ficken 21:47; Colin Farmer 23:57; Scott Young 24:08; Brian Telford 24:57; Kevin James 25:26; Fiona Gosling 29:47; Heather England 32:40; Rebecca England 40:03 and Claire Reynolds 42:24.

Paul and Sarah Davison ran at Harwich parkrun finishing in 21:08 and 33:05 respectively. Cherie Hipkins also ran in 35:41.

Kathy Bishop went to Mersea Island parkrun and finished in 24:38.

Brody Wakeling, still too young to join Cross Country pursuits, took part in Colchester Junior parkrun and finished in 14:29.

The real highlight of the weekend for many was Hadleigh cross country. A good turnout saw Great Bentley finish fourth overall to keep 5th place and line up a good finishing race next week. Well done to the females who finished in 3rd place, the boys finished in 4th. Emily Zethraeus deserves a special mention for coming third lady; demonstrating her worthy runner of the month title. We had 27 men running and 15 women.

Our juniors also did really well, as they had to battle the mud with the rain and the hills! Charlie Sharp was our lone boy, well done Charlie; whilst we had five girls including a debut from Laci Wakeling. Juniors hold on to 9th place. All to run for at Halstead!