Hello ladies, welcome to your October newsletter brought to you for the first time by me, your vice-captain!

I’ve just returned from this year’s first XC event at Writtle and although I really didn’t enjoy it, what I did enjoy is the GBRC camaraderie.  Unfortunately only 4 ladies get to score and I know that this often leads to the question “why am I bothering then” but the whole point of XC is being part of a team!  Whether you come first or last it’s the taking part that counts.  The fact that so many blues turned up despite the weather shows just what a great team we are!  Not only that but we had people return to XC after a number of years (Gemma Camp, Claudia Keitch & Emily Zethraeus ) and we had new comers (Nikki Laverack & Teresa Farmer).  I would also like to say a big WELL DONE to Francis & Leni Laverack and Cienna Telford – you all put in a sterling effort and did us proud.

Round 2 is next Sunday (4th Nov) at The Discovery Centre, Great Notley country park hosted by Witham.  .

Round 3 is also in November (25th) hosted by Harwich runners – more details to follow on both – Please check the website.

So this month has been a busy one and there has been lots of fabulous performances.  I don’t want to repeat the weekly race reports so here are just a few that stand out:

Eileen Shadford – not only first female home at Wix, but she was also awarded GOLD for the female F45 Essex road running Champs – then the next week she absolutely crushed the Snowdonia marathon in an impressive time of 3.50.04



Barbara Law – was awarded SILVER in her age category for Essex road running Champs

Magdalena Koworowska – popped her marathon cherry and recorded an impressive time of 4.08.25 at Chelmsford


Emma Levett-Welham – took 8 mins off her 2017 Wix time and also completed her 4th half marathon named the “Kangaroo Kanter” in Sussex

I know we also had lots of PB’s by other ladies (too many to mention) so WELL DONE to every one of you!

You all know that Paul & I love a bit of a “runcation” so I feel I must mention Claire Groves & Louise Upston who travelled with their other half’s to Bruges to take part in the half marathon.  There was also a joint Colchester Runners / GBRC trip to Krakow earlier in the month which saw 4 members take part in a bit of parkrun tourism & the half marathon (along with some walking and sight-seeing!).  I think Mr and Mrs K are keen to show off their country so maybe we can organise another visit soon!

Also travelling further afield to take part in events were Kathy Bishop and Sarah Davison who travelled to Dublin to complete the marathon.  Caroline Searle travelled to Bournemouth to take part in her 5th marathon.

A little closer to home saw Teresa Jones and Claire Poole take part in the Kings Forest Half.

Other more local events that attracted some of you were the Tiptree 10  & the Sporting Legends 6hr event in Brightlingsea.

As a club we owe a lot to those people that give up their own time to make the club what it is.  Coach Caroline continues to put on a great training programme for us (along with Michael Simmons) – please make sure you check this out on the GBRC website – if you go to the training page and click “here” you will get a break down of what the session is going to look like.  Please try to attend sessions where you can and don’t forget your Hi-Viz!

Awards Night – 1st December 2018

A quick reminder for you to email Paul Carlisle and let him know if you are going to the club awards evening.  It will be a good chance for us to let our hair down and to see people NOT in lycra!

Please also don’t forget to vote!!!!!!!

Runner of the month

So I know this will be a bit controversial BUT this lovely lady has been part of our club for a long time and has never been recognised for her efforts.  She continually shows most of us up at parkrun and other events yet for some reason has never been ROTM before?  I want her to know that she may have little legs, a face only a father could love and occasionally has to stop to do what bears do, but she is an excellent runner and a good ambassador for the sport.  Well done Janice, you little star