The summer is here ladies!! And it is too hot for staying in by my computer so this is a short one…

A look back

May has two bank holidays so, for those of us that can only run at weekends, there were two extra running days! Whoo hoo!. Some ladies took advantage of this and raced on the first bank holiday at the Milton Keynes (half)marathon, Alton Water, Canicross courses and a whole lot more. The sun was fabulous that weekend and so we all had a great time wherever we were, even if it was too hot for speediness.

The month then brought us the Mickey Edwards series. A chance to try your legs against the Bentley 5k course. So many of the club turned out for the first run, and then again at round two, where lots of improvements were clocked and there were standards galore! Well done to all the speed demons out there.

We also has a great club day out supporting the Halstead and Essex marathon at “water station one”. A few of our ladies ran in the marathon and it was fab to see them running past. Helping out at a race is very fun and goes towards ensuring loads of races can keep going into the future, so if you do have a morning free and can help out do look out on Facebook or local running pages for races calling for volunteers.

May also brought loads of 10k races: the Colchester 10k, Boxted 10k, Stampede 10k, Hatfield Broad Oak, Vitality… and our ladies have been pulling some amazing performances. I truly believe this is a reflection of the dedicated efforts we are putting in at training. If it hasn’t happened for you yet, stay patient, keep coming to training and those PBs will come.

Speaking of PBs, we also saw the start of the Friday 5 series at Sudbury. These are Friday evening 5-mile events throughout June, culminating in GBRC’s own race in July. All are known to be fast courses and a fantastic opportunity to grab that 5-mile best. If you can get there on a Friday evening, please do book in and support this series; I myself will be at Stowmarket, so if you want to run with me, book in to that one 😉!

Off road events this month included the Bury-to-Clare challenge, the Mayflower run, and of course round two of Rodger’s trail series. Well done to all of those ladies who are keeping their off-road legs in shape through the summer – you really will see the difference at XC when autumn comes!

I am sure there is more that I have forgotten… however we’re going forward so eyes forward…

A look ahead

So June is more of the same! More 5ks, 5 milers, and 10ks as the sun beats down on us and makes longer distances rather more challenging. However for many that is not to put you off… good luck to all doing HR 24 this weekend!

As previously mentioned, this month the Friday 5 series continues. The GBRC 5 is the last race in the series, will be on 6th July and is already sold out! We will need everyone who can to help out at the race that evening, so please if you can keep it free do and look out for the email from Paul/Russ requesting volunteers.

Another 5 miler is the Maisie run at Clacton on Sunday 3rd June at 10am. This run is for charity, so if you can get there to run and support it, do! GBRC members have won the race for the last few years in a row, it would be great if we could keep that going.

At the shorter end, Mickey Edwards continues on Wednesday evenings. If you can’t get to all of the races that doesn’t matter: turn up and have a go when you can, it is really a great series, in memory of a fabulous club member. You can read about Mickey on our website.

We will also have the third in Rodger’s trail series, HR 24, Mersea Round the Island and lots more! I look forward to running with all of you at some of these this month.

I will also say good luck to Geraldine Springett who has already completed one of her marathons at Halstead, but still has one to go in the coming weeks and is raising money for Rowhedge under 5s to have a new outside area landscaped. Well done so far Geraldine (and Debs who ran with you!), you are sure to be great at this next one.

Training continues as usual, hills on Monday, structured sessions on Wednesday and Friday (with Mickey Edwards), and ‘casual’ runs on Sunday mornings. Speaking of Sundays…on June 10th we will be running from Wivenhoe and then breakfasting at the Black Buoy pub. If you would like to come do let Paul know in the next week so that he can pre-order the breakfasts.

As the weather continues to stay warm and muggy stay aware of your hydration and food. The hot weather can play havoc with how our bodies work to digest food and use energy so it is worth paying a little more attention during training days so that, when you are racing in this weather, you know what should work for you. Another top tip for this time of year is insect repellent! As I found out on Friday evening, those pesky flies are out and biting so cover up if you can.

If you did want to speak to someone about training or race preparation, both Caroline and Mick are there at the club (well Mick will be when his knee has recovered, get well soon Mick!) and qualified coaches so they are a good source of knowledge and I am sure happy to have a chat. There is also a vast and varied knowledge base at the club so if you wanted to talk about something specific, there will always be someone that is able to point you to a good source of advice.

As always, of you are heading to a race this month, check out Facebook or speak to people on Wednesday club night to see if you can car share. Not only does it help race organisers out by reducing the need for car parking space, it gives you someone to chat to on the way there and back.

Welcome welcome…

We have had a few new ladies this month (and really sorry if I have missed someone…): we welcome Kim Booty, Anna Young, Veronica Alexander, Stephanie Struth, Claire Poole, and Rebecca England. Please make them feel welcome at the club and ladies if I have yet to say hello, do come and have a chat with me when I am at training or events.

What an inspiration!

Each month I hope to highlight some ladies that have personally inspired me for the dedication they put into their training, the fears or obstacles they overcome and their courage to take on new challenges:

Magdalena Komorowska continues to train hard and reap rewards from her racing. I lose count, however I think she has bagged 5k, 5 mile and 10k pb runs this month!

Ticking off the waymarkers towards her big goal is Gemma Colling. She is about half way on her journey into the 100 Marathon Club, and this month she has even taken on two marathons in one day! Legs of steel Gemma, keep ploughing on and we look forward to celebrating your success in the future.

Also marathoning this month was Barbara Law, who took her age category medal at the Essex championship Marathon, Halstead. Barbara is one of our most experienced marathon runners at the club and she continues to turn up with county best performances in her legs. Well done Barbara, I think you inspire us all with your endless energy.

We have also seen Claire Groves get back on the road after having baby Noah, and I had the pleasure of running with her at the Mayflower run last week. This month Claire has bagged a 10k personal best as well as completing the Mayflower 13 miles, her longest run since before pregnancy. Well done Claire, I really look forward to seeing your running over the summer; I suspect there are some great performances in your legs, just waiting for the opportunity to come out!

Runner of the Month

Runner of the month this month goes to a member who many of you may not have ever even heard speak. She quietly participates at training whilst helping others with theirs along the way. Back in March she caught Debs and my eye as she helped someone who was struggling finish the Colchester half, sacrificing her own time to do so. This month she has pulled both a 10k personal best run, and two 5k personal bests out of the bag: a testament to the effort she is putting into her training, both at club sessions and out on her own. I believe that Emma is working towards a sub-30 minute 5k goal and she is very almost there – keep going Emma, it won’t be long! To see someone quietly working hard and achieving really does brighten up my day, so thank you Emma Levett-Welham: you are this month’s Runner of the Month!