Ladies Newsletter for December 2016!


Last newsletter of 2016, although it’s 2017 at the time of posting, but hey, details!  Hopefully you have all had a good Christmas, and a happy New Year. Lots of us were out running or racing today,  so clearly can either handle our booze, or didn’t drink any last night! A great start to the new running year!

We have had a strong ladies turn out at the cross countries so far, which I’m really pleased about. The ladies have held 4th position at each one so far, hopefully this will continue. We are half way through the series now, so let’s try our best to continue to field a strong team, every person counts. Even if you don’t finish in the top 4, you may push down another club’s scoring runner, meaning they get an extra point.  The next one is not until January 22nd and will be held in Ipswich, so plenty of time to prepare.

Another social event is coming up, namely the Ladies end of cross country meal. I will be looking at booking something soon, and will send out an email asking for names. It’s open to all the ladies, not just those who ran cross country. As it’s the club’s 30th anniversary this year, we are looking at making this event a little bit more special. Instead of just a meal out, I am going to look into having an afternoon at Aqua Springs, followed by a meal out. People can then come to both, or choose one or the other.  The meal will possibly be at Middletons on North Hill, but feel free to send me any recommendations for restaurants! I will email everyone once I have some dates and prices.

Runner of the Month was a tricky one this month, but a decision has been made! This lady is relatively new to the club, but has completely embraced it, attending lots of training sessions and competing in a variety of races in her blue vest. She has gained club standards galore, not just in single events either, but running both the 5k and 10k events at Langham, and gaining standards in both of them!  Her Parkrun times are always good, a couple of weeks ago she was 5th lady at CCPR and 1st in her age group. She has run in all the cross countries so far, (even though she hates it) scoring at Harwich and 5th Bentley lady at Halstead. She is certainly an asset to the club, so this month’s Runner of the Month is Sarah Fletcher.


Here’s hoping we all achieve our goals for 2017!