Bank Holiday Bunny Fun

Bank holiday Monday saw the annual Great Bentley Bunny Doubles, hosted as always by the Easter Bunny and ably assisted by his Honey Bunnies, Des and Theresa. Each participant takes on the 2.1 mile multi terrain loop a number of times before retiring to drink tea, eat plenty of cake and reflect upon the morning’s efforts.
Eighteen pairs took part this year and the captain’s, Vicky and Chris were called upon to match the partners up. This year’s recipients of the golden bunny were Marion Simmons and Charlie Keitch. Charlie took a bit of an unplanned detour yet still managed to swiftly bring home the imaginary bunny baton. Hot on his rabbit tail was Joe “make it look easy” Alexander. Joe and his partner John McKay never really felt the pressure and were duly bestowed the silver bunny. Nursing an ongoing Achilles strain, although effortlessly motoring along was first time “doubler” Craig Warriner. Teamed up with another rookie Luke Groves, they made a strong duo and a sterling effort gained them the bronze bunny award for 3rd place. Winners of this year’s happy duck were Harrison Leek and Gary Hill. Harrison, who was pacing his Dad Shawn around this year had to, on more than one occasion ask Dad to put pedal to the metal in order to keep up!
A special mention should go to John McKay for sporting his “man hat” and Ade Cherry who was the only chap to wear bunny ears and fluffy tail. Ladies who wore their ears and tails despite being plagued by aerodynamic issues were Lex Carlisle, Steph Horner, Davina Swindell, Helene Tyler, Sue Wright and Caroline Searle.
Congratulations to our Kitten winners this year Charlie, Sam and Millie. Ivy, who is our youngest finisher also deserves a big cheer. Sadly Paul Carlisle and Rodger Alexander were found to be cheating, very disappointing behaviour guys! It appears they were trying to claim the pretty pink dress and wellies award. An objection was lodged and correctly upheld by EB and they were asked to return the prize to the rightful winners Chloe and Mia. Other tortoises and hares were: Matt, Kirsty, Katie, Theresa, Clive, Debbie, Rodger, Claire, Vicky, Frank, Anna, Katie P, Darren, Lesley, Kevin, Lex, Paul, Caroline, Russ, Sue, Ade, Mark, Chris, Linzi, John, Helene, Steph, Davina, Andy, Natalie and Michael.
Don’t forget Ladies and Gents that if you’re not happy with your bunny match you can, as always attempt to bribe Mr & Mrs Honey with cake! See you all next year and happy running.