Tarpley Triumphs!

It has taken a little while, but the Tarpley 10/20 results were finally published and some excellent results were had. In the 10 mile race, Alison Clarke took the medal for first lady in the 60 plus age group, clocking a PB in 1:31:45. Also in the 10 mile event were Rachel Giles 1:23:56 PB, Debbie Cubberley 1:39:38, Chusa Bautista Fructuoso 1:25:55, Des Bishop 1:21:35, Theresa Bishop 1:23:45, Frank Gardiner 1:25:31 and Claire Groves 1:28:11.

In the 20 mile event, Martin Owen crossed the finish line in just 3:04:19, slashing his PB by 12 minutes. Shawn Leek also PB’d in 2:44:20, his first club standard, and Alison Day finished her first 20 mile event in 2:49:46(PB). Jamie Neill also ran a PB by 5 minutes and gained a club standard in 2:37:14. Other runners were Janine Simpson 3:00:15, Kevin Stevens 2:37:15, Charlie Keitch 2:33:02 and Luke Groves 3:43:00(PB).

A little bit of Parkrun tourism went on on the 28th February, with runners visiting 4 different races. At Colchester, Joe Alexander once again won the race in a time of 16m and 56s. He was followed by Ben Ficken 18.47, Malcolm Jarvis 22.01, Paul Hollidge 25.08, Milly Presland 26.25, Phil Presland 26.25, Claudia Keitch 26.27, Scott Young 26.27, Alison Clarke 27.59 and Debbie Cubberley 29.40.

Claire Groves ran Tilbury Parkrun in the pouring rain in 26:50. Ade Cherry visited Dulwich to finish in 21:00 exactly, a PB and bronze club standard. Finally, Lesley and Andy Fuller ran Great Cornard Parkrun in 25:21 and 25:33 respectively.