Rainy Racing!

A rainy Sunday 23rd November saw the final race in the Essex Road Running Championships take place at Chelmsford. The ladies team consisted of Samantha Godden 42:53(PB), Vicky Presland 43:29(PB), Steph Horner 46:47(PB) and Rachel Giles 49:06(PB). Russ Sharp finished in 37:14, matching his PB from 4 years previously. Despite the very wet conditions, several runners managed to run a personal best, including Phil Presland 43:34, Lesley Fuller 51:22, Lee Clarkson 44:30, Caroline Searle 54:45, Ade Cherry 45:15, Alison Clarke 57:08, Claire Groves 54:49, Sandra James 1:04:32 and Theresa Hutchings 1:05:06. Other runners were Graham Clarke 44:44, Darren Horner 45:17, Martin Owen 47:44, Anna Lyon 49:16, Clare Reynolds 49.17, Kieron Hayes 49.45, TonieWilson 50.45, Chusa Bautista Fructuoso 52.38, Lex Carlisle 53.37, Lynsey Apps 59.20 and John Bush 1:07:41.

At the Parkruns this weekend, Maldon saw Ade Cherry rack up another PB in 21:52 and Caroline Searle finish in her second fastest time ever of 26:00. In Colchester, Russ Sharp finished in third place in just 18:16. Debbie Cubberley and Martin Owen ran it in 27:09, Lisa Parker 29:21(PB) and Charlie Keitch 19:23.

Sinead Burgoyne ran her first Parkrun the previous Saturday in 32:17 pushing her son in his buggy. Other runners that week were Charlie Keitch 19:04, Mark Crittenden 26:53, Lee Clarkson 24:40, Gary Hill 26:25, Dan Foster 19:25, Malcolm Jarvis 21:25, Shawn Leek 24:35, Sue Sorrell 27:19 and Pauline Burrows 27:37.

Helene Tyler ran the Donington Half Marathon on 23rd November, a five lap course, in 2:19:50.

Viv Cassidy, louise Cassidy and Luke Groves braved the rain at the Norwich Half Marathon, taking 2:05:32, 1:52:33 and 2:25:00 respectively.