Easter Bunny Doubles!

A magnificent 18 teams took part in the fourth Great Bentley Easter Bunny Doubles, hosted as ever, by the Easter Bunny and supported by the Honey-Bunny Posse.

It is with great pleasure I share the results. As ever, it’s not about the winning, it’s just about the cake!

Baby Rabbits Race:
Weenies Winner: Alex
Older Weenies winner: Millie Presland
Weenies Running in Wellies winner: Evie Foster
Weenies Running in ears winner: James

Adult Rabbits Race:
Simon Dale & Lindsay Apps (winners of the golden bunny)
Dan Foster & Chris Thomas (winners of the silver bunny)
Mark Ross & Martin Owen (winners of the bronze bunny)
Kevin Stevens & Katie Presland (special commendation to Katie for wearing ears throughout)
Clive Thomas & Kieran Dale
Paul Carlisle & Frank Gardiner
Ben Ficken & Sue Thomas
Clive Jones & Davina Swindell
Matthew Knowles & Lesley Fuller
Russ Sharp & Lindsay Wilson
Darren Horner & Mark Crittendon
Phil Presland & Lex Carlisle
Scott Young & Gary Hill
Andy Fuller & Tricia Stacey
Anna Mills & Martin West
Roger Alexander & Beth Young
Vicky Presland & Sue Sorrell
Stephanie Horner & Lorna Sharp (winners of the happy duck)

Special Easter Bunny Awards: Sue Sorrell, Davina & Lex for wearing ears and tails throughout the race.

Best Decorated Cake Winner: Lex Carlisle for her coconut covered bunny.

A great deal of thanks must go to all who provided after race Cake and especially the support team that made this such a success, notably Theresa, Caroline, Nikki & Lex.

Easter Bunny