Colchester Half Marathon

A sea of blue vests lined up to run the 4th Colchester Half Marathon on Sunday the 16th of March. Although the day was warm, a cool breeze made the running more comfortable than it was last weekend. Not the easiest half marathon course, several runners still came away with PBs. Outstanding half marathon debuts were ran by Amanda Prior 2:20:08, Marion Simmons 2:04:36, Belinda Palmer-Jones 2:23:57, Del Godden 1:46:47 and John Booty 1:36:06. Simon Dale was the first Blue Vest and 16th overall to cross the line in 1:21:28, despite battling an achilles tendon injury. He was swiftly followed by Kevin Stevens and Chris Warren in 1:28:30, a PB for Stevens. PBs were also achieved by Shawn Leek 1:39:11, Mark Crittenden 2:01:01 Anna Mills 1:52:29 and Darren Horner 1:31:39. Other runners were Jamie Neill 1:37:43, Scott Crawley 1:39:11, Emma Filtness 1:40:50, Eileen Shadford 1:41:37, Charlie Keitch 1:41:37, Janine Simpson 1:44:19, Samantha Godden 1:46:41, Stephanie Horner 1:49:36, Michelle Parry 1:49:41, Martin Owen 1:49:52, Karen Skene 1:50:42, Andy Fuller 1:50:48, Michael James 1:51:15, Anna Mills 1:52:33, Miriam Mark 1:53:09, Lorna Sharp 1:54:15, Darren Willey 1:57:37, Natalie Stewart 1:57:47, Brian Telford 1:58:01, Fiona Gosling 2:01:27, Emma Town 2:03:57, Stephanie Struth 2:04:38, Maison Urwin 2:04:38, Lesley Fuller 2:09:14, John McKay 2:10:27, Fiona Carter 2:09:48, Lindsay Horton 2:16:43, Sue McKay 2:42:14 and Ruth Metcalfe 2:53:57.
Joe Alexander ran his first Parkrun at Colchester on Saturday 15th March, winning the race in an outstanding 16:46. Regular Parkrunner Malcolm Jarvis finished in 21:04.